Powerful Energy Manager

The smart meter enables complete transparancy by capturing all energy flows. Its locally autonomous Energy Management System (EMS) optizes the use of all your generation and storage systems.

mySmartGrid - Energy Savings Made Easy

The mySmartGrid project is developing smart metering, regulation, and control systems to adapt energy demand to energy production.



  • Approximately 300 households record their electricity consumption with the aid of a smart meter
  • Linked to the internet, these measurements are sent to a central website
  • An online account gives subscribers insights into their consumption or the generation data for their PV units, which they can view in the form of a graphic display on the website
  • They can analyze their consumption and identify their power guzzlers
  • In an online forum, ideas are exchanged, problem discussed, and joint solutions discovered.
  • Subscribers who have a PV unit can increase their own consumption through individual yield forecasting by the installation of an independent power inverter PV system monitor.