Simulation- and Software-Based Innovations for the Development of Commercial Vehicles

ERDF and State Project of the Ministry of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture NFZ

This project concentrates on the development of new methodological competencies with a focus on commercial vehicle development. The funds come from the Ministry of Economics Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture Rhineland Palatinate (MWVLW) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and strengthen the competence in the field of commercial vehicle technology established in Kaiserslautern. The project runs under the title »Simulation- and Software-based Innovations for the Development of Commercial Vehicles« and is processed with the the High Performance Center »Simulation and Software Based Innovation«.

In recent years, commercial vehicle technology has established itself as a thematic beacon, which has developed successfully in several dimensions (research, teaching and transfer). It forms a supporting element within the Fraunhofer Service Center »Simulation- and Software-based Innovation« in Kaiserslautern.

Automated operation, resource efficiency and CO2 savings are the cornerstones of the project. Dr. Klaus Dreßler, head of the department/division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering«, explains the goals of the project: »The dynamic development of new assistance systems up to autonomous operation as well as new requirements for energy efficiency and alternative drives also require new simulation methods for virtual validation. For example, we are developing new methods for the interactive simulation of digging and loading processes for construction machines that involve the driver and the interaction of materials.« In the future, the most efficient work strategies can thus be derived already on the basis of the simulation models.

Challenges of the Project

The following new challenges and future-oriented topics are addressed in the project:

  • New testing solutions for construction, agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles in off-road operation
  • New testing solutions for trucks, trucks, trailers and commercial vehicles in on-road operation using geo-referenced methods
    • Prediction of velocity profiles (VMC Simulation)
    • Consideration of traffic (Traffic Simulation)                                                                 
Scheme Simulation and Software-Based Innovations for the Development of Commercial Vehicles
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Scheme Simulation and Software-Based Innovations for the Development of Commercial Vehicles