Training Courses: Solving Industry Challenges with ToolIP

Our Tool for Image Processing

This course is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the workflow of image processing for industrial solutions and to find an optimal approach for solving your specific image processing challenges using ToolIP. It will cover the basics of image processing, including image enhancement, image restoration, image segmentation, and image analysis. You will learn how to use ToolIP to clean and prepare images for deep learning and how to optimize image processing for industrial solutions.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of image processing techniques and be able to use ToolIP to solve your specific image processing challenges. Overall, this course is designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to effectively use ToolIP for image processing in both industrial and research settings.

This Course Will Cover the Following Contents:

  • Introduction to image processing and its applications in industry
  • Overview of ToolIP and its features
  • Basic image processing techniques:
    • Image enhancement (e.g., histogram equalization, contrast stretching)
    • Image restoration (e.g., noise reduction, deblurring)
    • Image segmentation (e.g., thresholding, region growing)
  • Using ToolIP for image preprocessing and cleaning
  • Developing custom image processing pipelines using ToolIP plugins
  • Advanced image processing techniques:
    • Object detection and tracking
    • Image registration
    • Image analysis (e.g., feature extraction, classification)
  • Using ToolIP for deep learning preprocessing
  • Optimizing image processing for industrial solutions:
    • Real-time processing
    • Large-scale processing
  • Case studies and examples of how ToolIP has been used in industry
  • Hands-on exercises to apply image processing techniques using ToolIP
  • Project work to develop own algorithm/solution for specific industry problem

Duration and Format

 16 hours and presence including course material and practical exercises

Course Language

Depending on the group of participants, the course is held in English or German.


1800€, which includes one year license of ToolIP

  • The price includes training documents, certificate of attendance, lunch, pastries and hot and cold drinks. 
  • If three participants from one company register for the same date, you will receive a ten percent discount on the total price.  

After successful participation in the course, participants will receive a certification issued by Fraunhofer ITWM.