Project »STANCE« – Strategic Alliance for Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering

Use of Spiking and Neuromorphic Technologies in Industrial Production

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the way we interact with computers. This brings with it new challenges and opportunities for the entire industry. In the »STANCE« project, our researchers from the division »High Performance Computing« together with our colleagues from Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, are establish a long term industrial and academic alliance to push for the adoption of spiking and neuromorphic technologies by the broader industry.

Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs) and neuromorphic systems are systems that aim to increase the energy efficiency and performance of computers by mimicking the complex processes of the human brain. These systems require less energy, and their latency is reduced by minimizing the flow of information through event-based processing and the co-location of computing elements and memory. Thus, providing a new platform for innovation. We believe that through this alliance, we will overcome the main bottlenecks hindering adoption, for example, technology fragmentation, incompatibility, and overall trust in this novel technology.

Collaboration and Innovation – Integration of Neuromorphic Technologies

The goal: Establish a long term industrial and academic alliance to push for the adoption of spiking and neuromorphic technologies.

Under the name »STANCE«, the aim is to create an alliance that brings together neuromorphic hardware and software development companies, start-ups, industry partners and research institutes. By simultaneously identifying bottlenecks and problems at all levels, i.e. hardware, software and application requirements, we as an alliance will find concrete solutions for business problems. In this way, we create more confidence in the maturity of this technology and in the continuity in their implementation for current and future users.

We see »STANCE« as a business catalyst, which facilitates the adoption of neuromorphic technology via a variety of activities, for example,

  • by supporting joint research and development opportunities
  • by maintaining a broad neuromorphic platform and knowledgebase for finding technology solutions
  • importantly by bring together users and solutions providers

We have been in the first phase of the project since mid-April 2024, in which we are approaching new partners and formally structuring the alliance. The co-coordinator is Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.

Benefits and Value of »STANCE«

  • Industry driven joint Research and Development
  • Joint workshops and dissemination
  • Technology matching for Users
  • Access to the Fraunhofer neuromorphic knowledge base
  • Market exposure for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME)
  • Up-to-date ecosystem overview and more