Data Analysis in Cardiology

Projekt MediAn: Analysis of Cardiology Case Data

Cardiovascular diseases cause about 40 percent of all deaths in Germany, making them the most common cause of death. These diseases can be detected at an early stage by means of echocardiography (ECG) and treated appropriately. Physicians currently interprete ECG data in conjunction with other information such as case history and results from laboratory diagnostics, without any software support.


Software Support for Precise Diagnostics

The aim of MediAn is to develop a diagnostic support system for cardiology. This system imports case data of various origins, in particular ECG data, analyzes them with respect to symptomatic abnormalities and makes suggestions to the attending physician for medical findings. Cardiologists are thus provided with new means for more precise and time-efficient diagnostics, especially in echocardiography.

Advanced Data Analysis with Machine Learning  

MediAn features an import of cardiology case data and its flexible filtering for subsequent data analysis. This comprises the derivation of medically relevant characteristics from the case data. Learning systems such as decision tree methods then examine these case-specific characteristics and assign the symptomatic abnormalities to medical findings. The cardiologist uses these findings in his final diagnostic assessment of the patient.

Project Partner

Fleischhacker GmbH