Scheduling Medical Appointments

During a hospital stay several examinations and therapy plans are normally carried out. Within the various departments of a hospital, the radiology department plays a central role in performing services for diagnosis and medical treatment.

An efficient organization and a seamless flow of all activities are of great importance not only for the patients but also for the staff members. At the same time the tasks to be performed have to be adapted to continually changing technical and economical conditions.


The project comprises:

  • a weak-point analysis of how appointments are scheduled and tasks are carried out during the examinations
  • suggestions for improving the workflow in the radiology department by reducing the patients' waiting time and the equipment idle time
  • coordination of appointment scheduling with the bed wards, other hospital departments and the patient transportation service


Project partner

Municipal Hospital Frankfurt am Main - Höchst

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Surgery usually is the most expensive workplace in a hospital. Optimizing the schedule of appointments leads to significant savings and a better medical treatment for the patients.

Operations Research in Medicine

In the following projects we furthermore work in the field Operations Research in medicine:

Optimal Dispatching in Logistics of Hospitals

The aim of the project is to develop an optimization engine for Opti-Trans®, a software tool for dispatching transports requests in real time.

Optimizing Medical Care in Rural Areas

The collaborative project HealthFaCT is developing an innovative software-based optimization and decision-making system to improve outpatient medical care.