Laboratory Diagnostics for Covid-19

Project CODECT: Early Digital Detection of Covid 19 Transmissions

The Corona virus is mostly spread by infected persons who do not yet show any symptoms of the disease. Infections with the coronavirus can be diagnosed at an early stage with special laboratory tests. However, these tests are expensive and test capacity is limited in many places. In contrast, well-established, mass-market standard blood tests offer the possibility of detecting infections on the basis of characteristic parameter changes.

Mobile Rapid Test and Digital Diagnostics

The aim of CODECT is to develop a mobile and digitally supported test procedure for Covid 19 diseases. A rapid test device for the acquisition of blood values and their digital transmission to an analysis unit enables flexible use at the point of care. The analysis unit automatically examines received data for disease-related parameter changes. Based on the analytical results, laboratory physicians make the final diagnosis.

Data Analysis with Statistics and Machine Learning

Digitized diagnostics examines parameter values from blood counts and digitized blood smears and uses laboratory data sets with Covid-19 diagnostics available as reference information. These data undergo a preprocessing for subsequent analysis, which uses decision tree methods. For incoming blood data, the data analysis provides assessments of the possible presence of Covid-19 infection and its stage of development. The laboratory physician processes these results with an elementary decision support functionality for his final diagnosis. This allows for an acceleration and increase of reliability of the the entire diagnostic process.

Project Partners

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems IMM
  • Ingenium Digital Diagnostics