Terahertz Imaging

Terahertz FMCW Radar imaging systems detect hidden material defects. The frequency-modulated continuous wave radar determines the absolute distance to an object by time delay measurement, which allows localizing hidden defects or intended material structures.

Fully electronical measurement modules with 100 GHz, 300 GHz and 800 GHz are employed for scanning test specimens. Combining different frequencies, the system is adapted to the specific material properties under investigation. Different measurement setups allow measurements in transmission and reflection on flat objects and on rotationally symmetrical objects. Here, the use of several measuring heads enables very short measuring times with comparatively high image resolution.

Non-contact Terahertz imaging systems detect manufacturing defects or imperfections in the material during production, i.e. without having to interrupt the ongoing production process. This makes them a valuable tool for industrial quality control.

Example Projects



In the project »ASKIVIT«, we are working with partners on automated sorting to recover wood, wood-based materials and non-ferrous metals. Our experience in the field of terahertz imaging, among other things, is supporting here.



A millimeter-wave terahertz system developed by our institute checks radar domes of planes (radom) for defects.



Within the framework of the DOTNAC project we developed a terahertz scanner for testing aircraft components. The focus is on fiberglass compounds and paint coatings.