Therapy Decisions in Breast Cancer

Project SenoAssist: Software-assisted Treatment Planning in Senology

Breast cancer is the most common cancer and a major cause of death in women. Senology provides a broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic measures to treat this disease, with good chances of cure. However, successful treatment requires precise analysis of the case-specific disease patterns and the patient-specific selection of the most suitable treatment methods.

Individualized Diagnostics and Therapy for Breast Cancer

The project goal of SenoAssist is to develop a software assistant for treatment planning in breast cancer. This software assistant supports clinical staff in accurate documentation of patient cases, quick search for medically indicated diagnostics and therapies, and transparent selection of the most appropriate treatment option based on current therapy standards.

Knowledge-based Sequential Decision Support

Patient cases are documented in SenoAssist according to a data model with relevant case parameters. A knowledge base, which provides medical expertise from therapy standards in digitized form, serves as the basis for search and selection of case-specific diagnostics and therapies. Based on this, SenoAssist automatically determines the indicated diagnostics and therapies using sequential and multi-criteria decision-making and predicate logic and submits these to the physician as suggested courses of action. The time-consuming and potentially error-prone part of treatment planning is thereby automated while retaining full freedom of decision for the physician.

Project Partner

Clinic for Senology / Interdisciplinary Breast Center, Essen-Mitte Hospitals