Renewable Energies and Sustainability at Fraunhofer ITWM

In many of our projects we develop methods to increase sustainability. In addition to innovative battery technologies and an improved charging infrastructure for electric mobility, we also optimize existing technologies for generating renewable energy or manage their use and consumption.

Application Examples and Projects


High Performance Computing

Management of the Energy Revolution

Goal of the team Green by IT is the improvement and organisation of the production of renewable energies.


Ammonia as a »Green Hydrogen« Storage

As part of the »AMMONPAKTOR« project, we are researching the possibilities of using ammonia as a »green hydrogen storage« together with the Fraunhofer IMM.


Better Understanding Hydrogen Electrolysis Through Simulation

In the project »H2-D« we focus on the shape design of bipolar plates.


Financial Mathematics

Sustainability in the Financial System

Sustainable action in the financial sector.


Transport Processes and System Analysis, Prognosis and Control

Monitoring of Energy Networks

We develop control concepts for power grids in the project MathEnergy.



Energy Supply of Buildings

With our planning tool, energy supply concepts of a building can be simulated and evaluated.


Financial Mathematics

Financial Mathematics for the Energy Industry


5Gain – 5G Infrastructures for Cellular Energy Systems

The BMWi-funded project has the aim of developing and evaluating 5G-based communication for the distributed control of cellular energy systems.


High Performance Computing

Boulder-Detection for Offshore Wind Farms

We use seismic data analysis to detect obstacles in the ground for positioning the wind turbines.


Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project eOPT

Electricity as a Raw Material

Together with other Fraunhofer Institutes, we develop electrochemical processes for fluctuating energy and raw material systems.


Flow and Material Simulation

Batteries for Electromobility

We focus on the development of new concepts and simulations for improved energy storage systems.



Optimization of Water Supplies

In the project H₂Opt we are developing software to increase energy efficiency in drinking water supply.


System Analysis, Prognosis and Control

Simulation of the Physics of Wind Turbines and Rotor Dynamics

EU-Project UPWARDS develops a simulation platform



Planning of Photovoltaic Power Plants

We support and optimize the planning of large plants.


System Analysis, Prognosis and Control

Energy-Efficient Beverage Production

Demand Side and Production Management for Beverage Filling Processes


Microparticles With a Big Impact: Aerosols in Climate Models

In this project work, Machine Learning assists in making global long-term predictions of the climate system.