IPS Cable Simulation

The software package IPS Cable Simulation integrates new methods and efficient algorithms for physical correct simulations of cables and hoses in real-time.

This technology is widely used in design, virtual assembly and digital validation.


  • real-time simulation
  • structural mechanics model
  • high accuracy
  • all kinds of cable materials and cross sections
  • kinematical clips
  • analysis of forces, moments, stresses and distances
  • collision detection
  • contact handling (prevent penetration)
Analyse der Verformung und Spannung von Kabel und Schläuchen
© fleXstructures
Analyse der Verformung und Spannung von Kabel und Schläuchen
Digitale Auslegung der flexiblen Bauteile im Motorraum
© fleXstructures
Digitale Auslegung und Absicherung der flexiblen Bauteile im Motorraum durch IPS Cable Simulation.
Kabel am Schweißroboter
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Kabel am Schweißroboter

Example: IPS Module for the Simulation of Flat Ribbon Cables

Our department "Mathematics for the Digital Factory" (MDF) deals with the modelling of flexible structures for industrial applications in the field of virtual product development. Highly flexible flat cables (FFCs) are an important component for the design and construction of modern computer hardware and consumer electronics products (see figure on the right).

In analogy to the simulation models of flexible cables and hoses with geometrically exact Cosserat rods developed at MDF, flexible flat cables are modelled as "elastic strips" using geometrically exact Cosserat shells. In contrast to the cross section of a rod, the cross section of a strip can deform in the transverse direction. Such a structural behavior can be observed prototypically, e.g. in the case of spatial deformations of a paper strip. The cross-sectional deformation is also clearly visible in the simulation of the deformation of a flat ribbon cable with the IPS software shown below.

Flexible Flachbandkabel
© Fraunhofer ITWM
Flexible Flachbandkabel werden beispielsweise in der Computerhardware oder Unterhaltungselektronik verbaut. Wir simulieren flexible Flachbandkabel als elastische Streifen mittels geometrisch exakter Cosserat-Schalen.

Simulation of a Flat Cable with IPS