Profile of Christian Salzig

Mathematical Competences

  • Linear and non-linear dynamical systems
  • Modelling and model order reduction
  • Systems and control theory


Fields of Activity

  • Digital twins 
  • Resource-optimised production 
  • Actuators, sensors, control
  • Hardware in the Loop



Major Publications

  • Salzig, C.; Wirsen, A.; Wallat, W.:
    Optimale und recheneffiziente Sensorplatzierung in Kühlöfen.
    at - Automatisierungstechnik, Vol. 62, No. 9, 642-650, (2014).
  • Salzig, C.; Hauser, M.; Venturi, A.:
    Using sensitivities for symbolic analysis and model order reduction of systems with parameter variation.
    Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2010, Springer, pp. 187-194, (2012).
  • Lorenz, J.; Bär, E.; Clees, T.; Jancke, R.; Salzig, C.; Selberherr, S.:
    Hierarchical Simulation of Process Variations and Their Impact on Circuits and Systems: Methodology.

    IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 58, No: 8, 2218-2226, (2011).