Dynamics and System Simulation

In system and vehicle development, it is essential to simulate the physical system properties at an early stage in each of the different phases of the development process. This is required to evaluate, improve, and safeguard the designs.

For example, the motor dynamics, drive dynamics, vibration comfort, durability, and behaviors of assistance and safety systems must be calculated. Additionally, different complexities of the model and computational speeds are required for the various tasks and the different phases. Increasingly important is the possibility of hybrid and interactive simulation to integrate the electronic controls and the driver realistically into the computations.

What we are working on:

  • Further development and application of Multi-Body Simulation (MBS) methods
  • Regulation and optimal control of technical systems 
  • Simulation of coupled physical systems (co-simulation)

A special focus is on real-time capable methods for applications in driving operations, in HiL-/SiL areas, and in the area of interactive driving simulators.


Simulation- and Software-Based Innovations for the Development of Commercial Vehicles


Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Multiphysical Systems

Knowledge of the cutting loads on a component is a prerequisite for being able to dimension it in accordance with the stresses to which it will be subjected.


Data-Based Mathematics

We use methods such as data analysis, system identification and Machine Learning, especially with regard to vehicle development.


Real-Time Simulation, Simulation-Based Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

In all real-time applications, the interplay of modeling, model complexity, and numerics is of great significance.


Traffic Simulation

In simulation-based predictions and analyses of a vehicle, it is often necessary to include traffic as a boundary condition, since the current traffic situation influences the behaviour of the driver.


Driver and Operator Modeling

The influence of the driver or operator of vehicle or equipment is significant with respect to operational durability, energy, resource efficiency and safety.


Simulation of Soil-Tool Interaction

The high variability of construction and agricultural machinery leads to high demands on the product development.