VMC® Simulation

VMC® Simulation is a module within the VMC Suite providing simulation methods for the vehicle performance in any region of the world.

The most important fields of applications for any type of road vehicle e.g. passenger cars, VANs, trucks are:

  • Durability of suspension, chassis, vehicle body, drivetrain (engine, gearboxes, ...)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Emission

The basic idea is to combine geo-referenced data such as typical user routes, topography, or traffic with driver and vehicle models of different complexity in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the vehicle’s performance with respect to durability or drivetrain.

The following functions are provided:

  • Definition / administration of driver and vehicle models
  • Import of routes and map matching
  • Estimation of speed profiles including lateral and longitudinal accelerations
  • Calculation of total vehicle loads (Fx, Fy), required driving power etc.
  • Calculation of vertical loads Fz based on road profile models
  • Calculation of road profiles for routes based on roughness indicators
  • Calculation of roughness indicators for given road profiles

VMC® Simulation is based on the VMC database and implemented as a module within the VMC Suite.