VMC® Web Services

Geo-Referenced Analysis of Routes and Vehicle Simulation in the Cloud

Using highly automated geo-referenced analyses and simulations, the VMC® Web Services developed at the Fraunhofer ITWM provide an important additional building block in the vehicle engineering value chain.

Modern vehicles are increasingly being equipped with high-tech assistance systems that can precisely record the current status of the vehicle. This includes not only safety-relevant data such as tire pressure or lateral and longitudinal acceleration of the vehicle, but also position data, fuel consumption and the gear currently engaged.

All this data is typically transferred to a cloud-based storage system of the vehicle manufacturer or fleet operator via a mobile phone connection, where it is available for further evaluation and analysis. Due to the constantly increasing availability of vehicle data from ongoing operations, data-driven analysis options are becoming increasingly important for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators, for example to better recognize and understand the usage behaviour of their customers.

VMC® Web Services bridge the gap between recording or modeling customer behaviour on the one hand and the customer-oriented formulation of requirements in vehicle development on the other.

The Following Service Modules Are Available in VMC® Web Services:

  • Routing (generation of routes from start and destination points and, if necessary, intermediate points)
  • Map Matching (projection of existing routes onto the VMC® map material)
  • Route Analysis (statistical evaluation of routes according to road types, curves or mountainous terrain)
  • Speed Profiles (simulation of speed profiles for configurable vehicle, driver and traffic models)

The functional scope of the services corresponds to the corresponding modules of the VMC® desktop software.

Individual combinations of individual VMC® Web Services modules enable precisely tailored automated evaluations of available data for specific usage types or special fleet customers (commuters, cab drivers, parcel service providers, local and long-distance transport, etc.). 

The scope of VMC® Web Services does not only extend to existing data. With the »Speed Profiles« module integrated into VMC® Web Services, corresponding speed profiles can also be calculated for a large number of different routes using a driver and vehicle model.

VMC® Web Services are equally suitable for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators, as results on energy consumption and emissions are also output. 


Your Advantages When Using VMC® Web Services:

  • No local installation of database and software
  • Easy access via standardized JSON objects (REST interface)
  • Control of queries e.g. from Matlab®, Python or C++ environments possible
  • Very high availability and automatic scaling of the cloud system's computing capacity depending on the analysis workload

Our team at the Fraunhofer ITWM supports interested users in designing automated service queries and integrating them into existing or new process flows.