Analysis and Advice on Fuel-Saving Technologies and Consumption

Consumption and energy efficiency are important purchasing criteria for many car buyers and logistics companies. Almost every vehicle model is already available with different types of drive (diesel, petrol, natural gas, hybrid, battery electric, hydrogen electric...). The range is being expanded, particularly in the case of commercial vehicles, by aerodynamically optimized add-on parts, fuel-saving tyres and lightweight components. Standardised consumption data – such as the consumption in a one-third mix – are supposed to help in the decision-making process, but they have the reputation of being unrealistic.

So how can a buyer obtain transparent and neutral information about the expected energy costs of his new vehicle? How can a sales advisor find the best vehicle (or the best vehicle configuration in the case of commercial vehicles) for the individual application target of his customer?

To solve this problem, we have packaged VMC technology into slim mobile apps:

  • For the buyer: VMC® RDE
  • For the sales staff: VMC®-EcoEstimator
VMC® RDE simuliert den Kraftstoffverbrauch eines Fahrzeugs auf ihren typischen Routen.
© Fraunhofer ITWM
Screenshot of the app: VMC® RDE simulates the fuel consumption of a vehicle on its typical routes.

VMC® RDE: Your Average Personal Consumption

VMC® RDE analyses your typical routes in terms of their composition (city, country, motorway) and elevation profile. Electrical consumers such as the radio, daytime running lights or navigation system are also taken into account. Combined with the assessment of your driving style, you will arrive at very good estimates of the fuel consumption of your new car within a few moments.

We invite you to test the preliminary version on Android right now: trial version


VMC®-EcoEstimator: The Virtual Sales Advisor for Fuel-Saving Technologies

You will find all the information you need for uncomplicated use in your sales talks at: (DE).