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Major Publications

  • Biedinger, C.; Feth, S.:
    Usage Modeling of Commuters on Basis of Geographical Data for Vehicle Engineering.
    Proceedings of YRS 2016, 33-38, (2016).
  • Weihe, S.; Weigel, N.; Dreßler, K.; Speckert, M.; Feth, S.:
    A Verified and Efficient Approach Towards Fatigue Validation of Safety Parts.
    Materials Testing, Vol. *53*(7-8), 450-454, (2011).
  • Weigel, N.; Weihe, S.; Speckert, M.; Feth, S.:
    New Approaches for Efficient Statistical Fatigue Validation.
    Schindler, C. et al. (Eds.): Proceedings of the 1st Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium (CVT 2010), Shaker Verlag, 59-67, (2010).


A collection of publications by Sascha Feth in the Fraunhofer-Publica

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2021Bestimmung der Systemzuverlässigkeit unter Berücksichtigung der Systemstruktur und Einbindung von Vorwissen
Lämmle, S.; Kupfer, P.; Feth, Sascha; Fiedler, Jochen
Conference Paper
2016Usage modeling of computers on basis of geographical data for vehicle engineering
Biedinger, C.; Feth, S.
Conference Paper
2011A verified and efficient approach towards fatigue validation of safety parts
Weihe, S.; Weigel, N.; Dressler, K.; Speckert, M.; Feth, S.
Journal Article
2010New approaches for efficient statistical fatigue validation
Weigel, N.; Weihe, S.; Speckert, M.; Feth, S.
Conference Paper
2009Partially passed component counting for evaluating reliability
Feth, S.
2007Resampling-Methoden zur mse-Korrektur und Anwendungen in der Betriebsfestigkeit
Feth, S.; Franke, J.; Speckert, M.
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