Virtual Reality Lab

The virtual reality laboratory offers the possibility to present complex environments and scenarios to people while at the same time exercising a high degree of control over the situation.

The application contexts depicted in the lab originate mainly from three sources:

  1. Driving simulation context: in which pedestrian situations are simulated in connection with the driving simulators.
  2. Production and factory planning context: in which data from the EMMA-CC / IMMA context are used for virtual, realistic work in ergonomics, path planning and training matters.
  3. Visualization context: in which realistic environmental data of the REDAR project can be experienced and used as a virtual environment in high visual complexity.

In our VR lab, one or more persons can move freely over a 10m*6m area and experience the virtual environment as pedestrians. By interconnecting with our other simulator environments (RODOS, VI-grade compact-DIM) via a real-time data interface, we systematically investigate human reactions even in highly complex traffic situations. 

We can implement the following projects for you in our VR laboratory::

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of assembly simulations
  • Development and testing of new HMI (Human-Machine-Interaction) solutions for automated passenger cars, trucks and mobile machines by coupling between VR laboratory (pedestrian simulation) and the simulators (driving simulation)
  • Presentation and analysis of work processes and production sequences