Green by IT

Innovative Use of Renewable Energies

The Green by IT is engaged in the reseach and development of innovative technology concepts for the use of alternative energies.


Our Core Competencies

  • Technical simulation and optimization
  • Management of decentralized systems
  • Forecasting and controls
  • Storage
  • Blockchain in the energy sector
  • IT security for critical infrastructure

The current research efforts address various areas, from demand-side management and forecasting services to energy storage. The following provides a brief overview of the projects:



Project »ENERDIG«

Digitalization and artificial intelligence should reduce energy consumption in production and buildings, adapt it to fluctuating generation and control energy conversion processes more efficiently.



The chargeBIG project is a joint development effort with MAHLE Group and the Eliso company to create a new kind of charging infrastructure for electric drive vehicles.



The multi-vendor compatible energy management system Amperix establishes an energy hub for households and industry with its optimized control of battery storage systems, heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles.



myPowerGrid delivers a centralized, easy-to-use management infrastructure for an aggregated distributed energy storage transparently serving the interests of both corporate and private stakeholders.



In this research project develops and evaluates the coordination mechanisms and the technological platform for the energy cooperative, to achieve cost efficiency of maximum autarky by shared exploitation of storage and other flexible resources.



The mySmartGrid project is developing smart metering, regulation, and control systems to adapt energy demand to energy production.



PVCAST is a project that develops a forecasting service that generates the seven day forecast for the production of a photovoltaic plant.



Now you can improve your own room climate and have fun doing it! A project for the energy management of rental housing with open source smart meters (EMOS) makes it possible.

Video: We know Energy »Green by IT«

The energy transition is driving efficiency, modernization, innovation and digitalization in the heat and power supply! Our »Green by IT« team at the Fraunhofer ITWM has been working on solutions for precisely these challenges since 2009. In 2019, our spin-off Wendeware AG was founded to bring our software solutions to the market. Of course, our collaboration does not end with the founding of the company. We are continuously working on product optimizations and new innovations. You can see examples of software tools that we develop together and where they are used in our short, animated video.

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We know Energy »Green by IT«