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Article in Kunststoffe 10/2019

Inline Layer Thickness Measurement

Article in »Kunststoffe« on contactless measurement with Terahertz waves in the Micrometer to Centimeter range


Annual Report 2018/19

Take a look at our latest annual report. Find current highlights and projects of our department.


Press Release / 27.2.2019

Terahertz Testing with a Handheld Scanner

Our researchers have found a handheld terahertz sensor: a solution for difficult problems based on mobile terahertz technology.


Project / 19.9.2019

Self Paint

In many industries, well over half of all components are now painted manually simply because of the number and variety of options. The fully automated paint booth will enable the processing of any object in batch sizes of one.


Upcoming Events

Conference / Fürth / Fraunhofer-Entwicklungszentrum Röntgentechnik EZRT / 10/23/2019 - 10/24/2019

12th Fraunhofer Technologietag

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Symposium / Paris / 11/13/2019 - 11/15/2019

11th Int. Symposium on Non-Destructive Testing in Aerospace

Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT&E) is one of the major requirements in aerospace structural design. Appropriate use of NDT guarantees safety in aerospace and is thus a subject of highest attention. Our experts of the department »Materials Characterization and Testing« are on site and present our research on the radome inspection with Terahertz.


Workshop / 03/03/2020 - 03/04/2020

9th Int. Workshop on Terahertz Technology and Applications

The workshop offers scientists and industry representatives the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of terahertz technology. The potential of the technology for analysis, testing and measurement tasks has been impressively demonstrated in recent years for various applications. However, a number of challenges still have to be solved for use in industry.