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Here we will inform you about the latest research topics, upcoming events and other news of the department.


Research News / 01.08.2023

Safe Airbag Deployment

In car accidents, the airbag can often save lives. While driving, it lies well hidden under a high-quality plastic surface that covers large parts of the cockpit: the slush skin.

We have developed a hand-guided terahertz measurement system that enables individual and non-destructive quality control of slush skins.


Stuttgart, Konferenz / 3.5. – 6.5.2022

Digital Twins and Terahertz Waves Ensure Quality

The Fraunhofer ITWM will again be present at the international trade fair for quality assurance »Control« in Stuttgart. From May 3 to 6, our researchers show their testing systems for assuring product quality in industrial environments in hall 6, booth 6301. 


Press Release / 17.3.2023

Minister Clemens Hoch hands over funding decisions for »QUIP« and »MaTBiZ«

Science Minister Clemens Hoch brought two funding decisions to Kaiserslautern to support Quantum Initiative Rhineland-Palatinate (QUIP) and the project MaTBiZ.

Upcoming Events

An important point in our work is the exchange with colleagues about the latest developments in research and the sharing of our results. For this reason, we regularly travel to trade fairs and conferences and present our institute at a booth or in a lecture.


ECOMAT Bremen / September 11, 2023 - September 12, 2023

Composite Repair Seminar & Experts Forum 2023

Fraunhofer IFAM and GMI AERO organize this seminar around repair equipment for composite materials. We present the work with our mobile terahertz test system.


Berlin, Conference / 14.09. – 15.09.2023

13th THz Young Scientists Meeting

The annual »THz Young Scientists Meeting« provides a platform for young scientists to exchange ideas and learn about the latest developments in Terahertz (THz) research. Our colleague Felix Paries from the department »Materials Characterization and Testing« will give a talk titled »Spintronic Terahertz Emitter on a Fiber-Tip«.


Montréal, Kanada, Konferenz / 18.09. – 22.09.2023


The »International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves« (IRMMW-THz) takes place every three years and deals with ultra-high frequency electronics and applications.

A team of our department »Materials Characterization and Testing« is on site with different lectures.



Berlin, Conference / 19.09. – 22.09.2023

26th European Microwave Week

The annual European Microwave Week (EuMW) is a major event in the field of microwave research. It combines several sub-events, including the European Radar Conference (EuRAD). A team from our department »Materials Characterization and Testing« is also taking part: Dr. Fabian Friederich, Dr. Andreas Keil and Shiva Mohammadzadeh will each give a lecture there.


Ingelheim / October 10, 2023 - October 12, 2023

Workshop »Terahertz-Spinctronics: Toward Terahertz Spin-Based Devices«

The »Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center« (SPICE) of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz organizes a workshop on the new research field of terahertz spintronics, which combines the topics of magnetism, spintronics and ultrafast optics. Our colleague Felix Paries from the department »Materials Characterization and Testing« will participate in this workshop and give a talk.


Fraunhofer ITWM / October 25, 2023 - October 26, 2023

Fraunhofer Vision Technology Days 2023

The Technology Days of the Fraunhofer Vision Business Unit are aimed at representatives from industry, research and development who are interested in the current status and possible industrial applications of these technologies. Our institute director Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel as well as department head Markus Rauhut and Dr. Ronald Rösch, head of »Strategic Research« of the »Image Processing« division, each give a lecture in the lecture hall at Fraunhofer ITWM.


Bad Nauheim and online, Workshop and Exhibition / 06.11. – 07.11.2023

Car Body Painting Workshop

The Car Body Painting Workshop and Exhibition will revolve around the topic of car body painting. Dr. Joachim Jonuscheit, deputy head of the department »Materials Characterization and Testing«, will be on site to present our exhibit on terahertz measurement technology for non-destructive inline coating thickness measurement.


Bremen, Further Education / 08.11. – 09.11.2023

Bremer Fiber Composite Days 2023

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research (IFAM) is organizing the Fiber Composite Days. Dr. Joachim Jonuscheit will be on site, giving a presentation titled »Terahertz – An Innovative Measurement Technique for Non-destructive Testing of Fiber Composite Components.«


Weßling, Seminar / 29.11.2023

CCG-Seminar »Detection of Explosives«

The seminar is aimed at military leaders, as well as researchers and decision-makers from homeland security agencies.

Our colleague Dr. Joachim Jonuscheit, Deputy Head of Department »Material Characterization and Testing«, will give a lecture entitled »Imaging Techniques for the Detection of Hazardous Substances« on site.


Call for Papers/ 12.03. – 13.03.2024

Workshop Terahertz Technology and Applications 2024

Please submit your papers to us by November 30, 2023. 

Abstracts will then be reviewed by the program committee and authors will be notified.