Terahertz Measurement System for Slush Skins

Safe Airbag Deployment

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According to the Government Statistics Office, more than 358,000 people were injured in traffic accidents in Germany in 2022. Airbags often prevent more serious injuries. While driving, airbags are normally hidden behind a high-grade plastic panel called a slush skin that envelops large parts of the vehicle’s interior. For the skin to tear open along the right lines, it is perforated meticulously after manufacture. However, for the airbag to fully deploy in an emergency, the material and the intended tear lines must be matched as closely as possible. To make sure this is the case, user-friendly, cutting-edge technology is now used to inspect the slush skins: The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM in Kaiserslautern has developed a hand-held terahertz measurement system for individual, non-destructive quality control of slush skins.