myPowerGrid – Green Energy Storage

A photovoltaic unit generates the most energy during lunch hour. Unfortunately, that is exactly the time no one is at home to use it. The myPowerGrid project proposes a solution: energy storage in battery systems. This system provides the electricity to be used when it is actually needed. The subscribers get some insight into the energy balance by accessing the myPowerGrid online platform. Diverse graphics display, among other things, energy and generation levels as well as storage capacity.

Although the use of these battery storage units substantially increases the self-consumption and self-sufficiency rate, it does not provide relief to the power grid.

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An explanation of myPowerGrid

Virtual Bulk Storage Combines Storage Batteries

This gave birth to the idea of virtually combining these decentralized installations of storage batteries into one bulk storage unit. The myPowerGrid website provides a central, easy to use infrastructure for optimized operational management of the distributed storage battery units. The advantage comes from the fact that not only are the needs of the private households met, but so too are the requirements of grid operators and energy suppliers, for example, from "peak shaving" or the integration of virtual bulk storage in a combined power generating station.

Projekt myPowerGrid
The project myPowerGrid set-up.