Production Planning and Scheduling

The dimensioning of a new production plant, optimal stock levels or a cost-effective production sequence for the next day: Producing companies are faced with diverse, sometimes very individual questions when it comes to planning and scheduling their capacities and processes. We support them with customized analyses for long-term decisions, search for compromises between different goals and develop individual software solutions for daily planning. The measured integration into the existing system landscape on site prevents process and information disruptions.


Supply Chains

Without raw materials and intermediate products, no production. The design and control of supply chains is essential for business success. Especially in a highly networked global economy with fast cycles, where even minor disruptions and errors in judgment can have far-reaching consequences. We develop solutions for designing robust, cost-effective supply chains so that disruptions don't spread far.


Cut, Pack, Configure

Production planning often involves solving complex puzzles in light of raw material availability, component availability, and spatial constraints. The goals are to avoid waste, to load machines in the best possible way, and to select components well for complex products.


Digitization and Optimization in the Construction Industry

Climate protection requirements, complex construction projects and regulations, and high energy costs call for efficiency improvements in the planning and execution of construction projects and in the operation of buildings. An important contribution to this can be achieved through digitization and optimization of processes as well as end-to-end planning and control assistance.


Production Planning and Scheduling

Optimal planning and control of production processes is an essential key to business success.


Production Planning in the Personalized Medicine

Personalized therapies are new and promising trends for the treatment of many diseases.


Smart Farming

We work on the optimization of agricultural processes through modern methods of data analysis or Machine Learning.


Customized Digital Planning Processes

The digitization of planning processes is intended to help manufacturing companies get the most out of their usual workflows. An in-house optimization team provides support with the development of customized software.


Making Uncertainties Plannable and Optimizing Processes

A pharmaceutical company needs patients who are willing to participate in a study for a new drug. This is where the uncertainties already begin: Are there enough suitable people? We counter these uncertainties with mathematical solutions and optimize the process.

Supply Chain

The availability of the required raw materials at the right time and in the right place – even in times of crisis – is a prerequisite for smooth production.


Distribution of Spare Parts

In this project, a system for the maintenance and repair of helicopters and trucks is designed.


Transportation Logistics

To increase efficiency across company boundaries, suitable assistance systems are needed to ensure the smooth transfer of information and to identify and communicate better transport options.

Cut, Pack, Configure

In production planning, complex puzzles often have to be solved in the light of the availability of raw materials, components and spatial limits. Goals are the avoidance of waste (cutting), the best possible loading of machines (packing) and a good component selection for complex products (configuring).


Cutting Problems

In the wood industry it is important to minimize the waste of the raw product. We achieve this by developing individual decision support tools.


Reduction of Variants in Truck Chassis Packaging

We develop platforms and product families for variant reduction in truck chassis assembly.

Digitization and Optimization in Construction


Smart Processes in Construction

In the project ConWearDi, we develop together with partners a platform to enable the digitalization of services in the building industry with industry 4.0 technologies.


eMasterCraft: Processes in Building Sector

The project »eMasterCraft« aimed to increase the penetration of the building sector with electronic data exchange and computer aided processes.


Digitalization in Infrastructure Engineering

Our team develops models and algorithms for decision support in infrastructure construction.