Profile of Heiner Ackermann

Fields of Activity / Competences

  • Analysis and optimization of production processes
  • Processes and tools for production planning and control
  • Modeling and optimization of network and supply chain problems
  • Algorithms for discrete optimization problems
  • Modeling of game theoretic aspects in planning processes



Major Publications

  • Ackermann, H.; Diessel, E.; Krumke, Sven O.:
    Robust flows with adaptive mitigation.
    EURO Journal on Computational Optimization, Voume 9, March 2021, 100002
  • Ackermann, H.; Diessel, E.:
    A hierarchical approach for solving an integrated packing and sequence-optimization problem in production of glued laminated timber.
    EURO Journal on Computational Optimization, Volume 8, 263–288 (2020)
  • Hertrich, C.; Weiß, C.; Ackermann, H.; Heydrich, S.; Krumke, Sven O.:
    Scheduling a proportionate flow shop of batching machines.
    Journal of Scheduling, Volume 23, 575–593 (2020)


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