Data Analysis in the Healthcare Sector

Project KoGGE: Design of Data-Driven Business Models in the Healthcare Sector

Many areas of the health care system are subject to increasing cost and quality pressure. On the other hand, there are avoidable additional expenditures due to poorly targeted health services. This results in previously unrecognized and unused optimization potentials for medical providers and payers.

Development of Health Economic Improvement Potentials

In the KoGGE project, we are developing a solution together with ARZ Haan AG to identify and tap optimisation potentials among actors in the health care system. The project goal of KoGGE is the development of a solution access for the identification and exploitation of optimization potentials for actors in the health care system. Billing data is to be analyzed with regard to such potentials and the obtained insights are to be made available with a planning software, which enables systematic improvement of existing decision-making processes.

AI-Based Data Analysis and Utilization of Empirical Knowledge

Billing information will be investigated with AI-based data analysis techniques using health economic contextual knowledge. Special attention is paid to the comprehensibility of the analysis results in the sense of explainable artificial intelligence. The empirical values obtained with data analysis are managed in a software-compatible form and provided for future health economic decisions. These empirical values are used with a planning software based on multi-criteria decision-making and knowledge-based assistance functionality.

Service providers from the billing system are thereby enabled to support their customers in identifying and exploiting health economic optimization potentials.

Project Partners

  • ARZ Haan AG