Profile of Alex Sarishvili

Fields of Activity / Competences

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Bayessche and Chow-Liu Algorithm
  • Neural networks
  • Statistical learning theory



Major Publications

  • A. Sarishvili, M. Jirstrand, B. Adrian, A. Wirsen:
    Sparse inversion of stacked autoencoder classification machines
    Proceedings of Seventh International Congress on Information and Communication Technology, ICICT 2022, London, Volume 2
  • Sarishvili, A.; Just, D.; Moser, K.; Wirsen, A.; Diemert, J.; Jirstrand, M.:
    Plastic Extrusion Process Optimization by Digital Twins
    Chemie Ingenieur Technik by Wiley _VCH. 93, No. 12 (2021)
  • Gramsch, S.; Sarishvili, A.; Schmeißer, A.:
    Analysis of the Fiber Laydown Quality in Spunbond Processes with Simulation Experiments Evaluated by Blocked Neural Networks
    In: Advances in Polymer Technology Vol 3 (2020).
  • Sarishvili, A.; Winter, J.; Luhmann, H. J.; Mildenberger, E.:
    Probabilistic graphical model identifies clusters of EEG patterns in recordings from neonates.
    In: Clinical Neurophysiology 130, Pages 1342-1350 (2019).
  • Sarishvili, A.; Wirsen, A.; Jirstrand, M.:
    On Chow-Liu forest based regularization of deep belief networks.
    28th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning ICANN 2019: Workshop and Special Sessions.
    In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 11731) Pages 353-364 (2019).


Sammlung der Publikationen von Alex Sarishvili in der Fraunhofer-Publica

Publication Type
2023 Sparse Inversion of Stacked Autoencoder Classification Machines
Sarishvili, Alex; Jirstrand, Mats; Adrian, Benjamin; Wirsen, Andreas
Conference Paper
2023 Plastic Extrusion Process Optimization by Inversion of Stacked Autoencoder Classification Machines
Burr, Julia; Katsaouni, Nikoletta; Just, Daniel; Sarishvili, Alex; Moser, Kevin
Journal Article
2021 Plastic Extrusion Process Optimization by Digital Twins
Sarishvili, Alex; Just, Daniel; Moser, Kevin; Wirsen, Andreas; Diemert, Jan; Jirstrand, Mats
Journal Article
2020 Analysis of the fiber laydown quality in spunbond processes with simulation experiments evaluated by blocked neural networks
Gramsch, Simone; Sarishvili, Alex; Schmeißer, Andre
Journal Article
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