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Short News / 18.04.2024

Digital ID for Innovative Materials

A team from our division »Optimization« is researching sustainable and climate-friendly production and recycling methods for new materials together with partners in the EU project DigiPass. The project promotes the exchange of digital material data between industry and research in order to establish a digital material and product passport.


Press Release / 16.04.2024

State Mathematics Competition Honors 27 Young Talents

27 students from Rhineland-Palatinate successfully took part in the state mathematics competition and prevailed against 72 others. The competition concluded with the award ceremony at our Institute.


Shortnews / 15.04.2024

PhD student Jun Liu receives Best Paper Award

With his paper »Prediction Error-based Model Predictive Control for Resource Allocation of 5G Ultra-reliable Low-latency Communication« our PhD student Jun Liu from the department »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control« received the Best Paper Award at the FICC conference in Berlin. Congratulations to him!


Short News / 11.04.2024

Paper on the Development of Exoskeletons

The paper »Multibody Dynamics and Optimal Control for Optimizing Spinal Exoskeleton Design and Support« by Monika Harant from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Development« is one of the top 10 most downloaded articles in 2023.


Press Release / 04.04.2024

What To Do with All the Data? – Embedded World

We are working on a hardware-aware NAS (Neural Architecture Search) that brings together several promising technologies.

At the »Embedded World« trade fair in Nuremberg, researchers from Fraunhofer ITWM will present their work at the joint Fraunhofer booth (Hall 4, Booth 422) from April 9 to 11, 2024.


Short News / 03.04.2024

Staking Out the Quantum Frontiers: Results of the »Applied Quantum Computing« Project

The project »Applied Quantum Computing« (AnQuC) will come to an end. The Fraunhofer ITWM's Quantum Computing working group has met with the industrial advisory board, which accompanied the project for two years, for a final summary.


Press Release / 03.04.2024

Evolution of Synthetic Rubber

Until now, the raw materials for synthetic rubber have largely been obtained from fossil sources. Four Fraunhofer Institutes are now tapping into alternative, bio-based raw material sources in the project »NaMoKau«.


Podcast Streuspanne / 27.03.2024

p-Values: Not the Last Word in Wisdom

The new podcast episode is all about »p-values«, also known as empirical significance.

The »Streuspanne« team uses statistics from the Wild West to explain what this is all about and how you can test whether a die is loaded, for example.

The podcast is only available in German. 


Podcast Streuspanne – Statistics and Their Curiosities / 25.03.2024

»Streuspanne-Lexicon« – B for Binomial Distribution

Today's »Streuspanne-Lexicon« entry is about what you need the binomial distribution for and what it actually is. As usual: explained briefly and clearly – in under five minutes.


Short News / 19.03.2024

Kaiserslautern Is ECMI Node For Two Weeks

The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) has its own blog about news from the European maths community. In terms of content, every fortnight a different place is the so-called »Featured ECMI Node« and is responsible for the news. As of this week, we are posting together with the Department of Mathematics at the University of Kaiserslautern-Landau (RPTU).


Press Release / 18.03.2024

Preparing for the Final Round: One Week Math Camp

A week of competition lies behind 36 mathematical talents from all over Rhineland-Palatinate. The students took part in the Mathematics Camp at the University of Kaiserslautern-Landau (Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität Kaiserslautern-Landau RPTU). The winners were announced at the graduation ceremony at the Fraunhofer ITWM.


Follow-up Report / 13.03.2024

Femtec Excursion: A Day at the Fraunhofer Center in Kaiserslautern

On March 12, 2020, 31 outstanding female STEM students from universities all over Germany visited the Fraunhofer Center in Kaiserslautern. The Femtec network scholarship holders, most of them with an international background, got to know both Fraunhofer Institutes better during a varied program.


Press Release / 05.03.2024

Digital Twin for All Process Steps in Battery Production

Optimizing batteries is one of the most important tasks for industry and science. The simulation of battery models has been part of our daily business for years.

The Ministry of Science and Health is now supporting a new project that models the entire manufacturing process.


Press Release / 29.02.2024

Testing and Analyzing Composite Materials With Fraunhofer Expertise

JEC World describes itself as the »Festival of Composites«, as composites professionals from all over the world gather under its roof in Paris every year. Researchers from the Fraunhofer ITWM will also be there. We present testing and analysis methods for composite materials at the joint Fraunhofer stand from March 5 to 7 2024.


Press Release / 26.02.2024

From the Classical to the Quantum World

As part of the Project »Quantum Initiative Rhineland-Palatinate« (QUIP), we organized the QUIP International Winter School on Quantum Machine Learning« (»Quickstart 2024«). Students and young researchers from all over the world as well as industry came together to discuss the latest developments, challenges and applications in this specialized field.


Podcast Streuspanne / 21.02.2024

The Two Schools of Thought in Statistics

In this episode, the Streuspanne team playfully introduces the audience to the two approaches to calculating probability. On the one hand, Jochen Fiedler slips into the role of Mr. Bayes for Bayesian statistics and on the other hand, Sascha Feth plays Mr. Frequentist, who speaks for the frequentist school of thought.


Podcast »Streuspanne Lexicon« / 16.02.2024

»C for Confidence Interval«

Today, our »Streuspanne-Lexikon« continues with »C for Confidence Interval« (German »K wie Konfidenzintervall«). The team explains in under five minutes: The confidence interval is a range in which an unknown parameter is assumed to lie. The wider this range – or interval – is, the more likely it is that the unknown value will be covered by the interval. This is shown in the podcast using the example of body sizes.


Podcast »Streuspanne Lexicon« / 16.02.2024

»E for Estimate«

What is the mathematical definition of an estimate? And how can I even define something so »imprecise«? In the »Streuspanne-Lexikon«, the team briefly and concisely explains »E for Estimate« (German »S wie Schätzung«) or »E as in Estimator« using the example of the coin toss. 

It's worth a listen!


Interview / 16.02.2024

»Don’t Let the Math Put You Off!«

Max Burr has been an intern in the »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control« department since January 1, 2024. The 24-year-old electrical engineering student will be with us at the institute until the end of March 2024. In this interview, he talks about his time, experiences and activities so far.


Press Relese / 07.02.2024

Saving Energy With Artificial Intelligence

Our experts from three departments and divisions will be presenting their work at the leading trade fair E-world energy & water and demonstrating with innovative projects how mathematical models can contribute to the energy transition and the achievement of climate targets.


Press Release/ 05.02.2024

Completion of the EU Project »ALMA«

In the EU project »ALMA – Advanced Light Materials and Processes for the Eco-Design of Electric Vehicle«, nine European organizations worked on developing more energy-efficient and sustainable vehicles.

The project was completed in February.


Short News Cooperation / 06.02.2024

Optimizing Airlay Technology With Simulation

Nonwovens play a key role in many industries, for example in the automotive and healthcare sectors. In production, simulations help to further develop the important airlay technology for staple fibres. In the ongoing cooperation with bematic® and Siriotek, we are jointly optimising the carding machines in this process.


Short News / 19.01.2024

Alumni Network Meeting 2024

On January 19, 2024, we welcomed our alumni, consultants and ITWM employees to the strategic network meeting at the Fraunhofer Center.

Exciting presentations and pitches awaited them as well as an in-house exhibition where some departments and divisions presented their work.


Podcast Streuspanne / 18.01.2024

Misleading Intuition in Statistics – the Simpson Paradox

In the first episode of 2024, the Streuspanne team looks at a (supposed) statistical paradox. What is the Simpson paradox? How can it influence meaningful data analysis? And how can you avoid falling for it? Listen in:


Press Release / 15.01.2024

Handover of Funding Decision for the eQuality Project

When manufacturing products, it is important to detect even the smallest defects reliably and quickly, preferably automatically. In the »eQuality« project, we are investigating how this process can be improved thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Press Release / 11.01.2024

Mathematics Optimizes Tours in Outpatient Care

If the routes are well planned, there is more time for care. A study carried out by our researchers together with the billing service provider ARZ Haan shows just how much potential there is for improvement in route planning.

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