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Press Release / 12.4.2021

Fraunhofer ITWM at the HMI 2021

[Only available in German]

The technologies of the future will be presented at the »HANNOVER MESSE Digital Edition« from April 12 to 16, 2021: Fraunhofer ITWM is involved in two topics and contributes expertise in the fields of »quantum computing« and »machine learning«.


Press Release / 7.4.2021

High Performance Center Goes Into the Next Round

[only available in German]

Five years of successful research and transfer work can be followed by more: the »High Performance Center Simulation and Software Based Innovation« in Kaiserslautern receives further funding until the end of 2021.


Blog Entry/ Streuspanne / 1.4.2021

Do the Reporting Numbers Show Vaccination Success Yet?

[only available in German]

In all the back-and-forth around the lockdown, there is always a little positive news. Despite rising numbers, the death toll is falling. Do we only have to thank vaccination for that? Our experts Sascha Feth and Jochen Fiedler took a closer look at the numbers in our statistics blog »Streuspanne«:


Press Release / 6.4.2021

Quantum-Inspired Terahertz Spectroscopy With Visible Photons

The researchers of the Fraunhofer ITWM are working on the detection of terahertz waves based on new quantum optical methods. A year ago, the renowned journal »Science Advances« reported on first successes. Now the next milestone has been reached.


Press Release / 29.3.2021

Using Rapid Testing to Get Out of Lockdown?

Are tests effective means to reduce the reproduction rate of Covid-19? Researchers at the Fraunhofer ITWM have modelled in a paper how mass rapid tests with tracking have as much leverage as contact restrictions to reduce the reproduction rate. In an interview, Dr Jan Mohring tells us more about the paper:


Press Release / 22.3.2021

Humboldt Award Winner Oseledets Comes to the ITWM

[Only availalbe in German]

The Humboldt Society promotes worldwide scientific exchange. Ivan Oseledts, professor at the Skolkovo Institute of Technology, has received one of the fellowships – he will conduct his abroad research at the Fraunhofer ITWM.


Podcast Streuspanne / 22.3.2021

»What Does Efficacy mean for Corona Vaccines?«

[Only available in German]

Corona Vaccination statistics – a huge topic everywhere! To bring light into the darkness, our blogging statisticians Sascha Feth and Jochen Fiedler discuss this topic with Esther Packullat in the first episode of the new podcast »Streuspanne – Statistik und ihre Kuriositäten«.


Podcast Datenaffaire / 18.3.2021

»Calculate the Dark Rate of Corona«

[Only available in German]

Our Streuspanne bloggers Sascha Feth and Jochen Fiedler are guests on Dr. Annika Bergbauer's podcast »Datenaffaire«. They talk about questions like: How do you calculate the corona dark figure? Are we at the beginning of the third wave? Mathematical answers can be found here: 


Press Release / 16.3.2021

AI Innovation Contest

A team of scientists from Fraunhofer ITWM and TU Kaiserslautern has won the first prize in the pilot innovation competition »Energy-efficient AI systems«. They participated with their project: »Holistic approach to optimize FPGA architectures for deep neural networks via AutoML - automatic machine learning (HALF)«. Congratulations!


Press Release / 3.3.2021

ALMA: Thinking Ahead to Electromobility

E-mobility and lightweight construction are two crucial building blocks of modern vehicle development to drive the energy transition. They are the focus of the ALMA project (Advanced Light Materials and Processes for the Eco-Design of Electric Vehicles). We are working together with eight European organizations to develop more sustainable vehicles. The ITWM supports with mathematical simulation expertise.


Article in the InnoVisions / 18.2.2021

»Farewell to the coffee break?«

 [Only availalbe in German]

The long waiting times at charging stations for electric vehicles are to become a thing of the past. The article by our colleague Jochen Zausch reports on the »structur.e« project, which is researching methods to improve the performance and charging capability of lithium-ion batteries in cars.


Guest Article ZEIT / 17.2.2021

»A Perspective Without Ups and Downs«

How much lockdown will a society tolerate? Together with six other scientists, our institute director Antia Schöbel outlines a plan against pandemic and polarization.

[Only available in German]


Interview / 15.2.2021

»Machine Learning and Big Data for Cable Simulation«

Our division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« is intensively involved in ECMI, was co-organizer of the web seminar and participated in the event with a presentation. This was an opportunity to find out what ECMI's activities are and where the current focus of research lies.


Press Release DFKI / 4.2.2021

AI for Crisis Teams

How do measures affect pandemic response at the municipal level? – In the AScore project, an expert system is being developed that presents crisis teams and decision-makers with needed simulations and information on pandemic progression for the municipal level. The BMBF-funded project is carried out by researchers of the DFKI together with the ITWM.


Blog Entry / Streuspanne / 14.1.2021

»About Lottery Booths, Donald Duck and Mutated Corona Viruses«

What's the connection between lottery booths, mutant Corona viruses, and Donald (yes, we're actually talking about the duck these days)? More about this in the new blogpost of the Streuspanne. 


Blog Post / Streuspanne / Interview / 8.1.2021

»Using Statistics to Map Aspects of Reality«

Our blog »Streuspanne« has been around for over two years now. Time for an interim balance right at the beginning of the year. In this interview, our bloggers Sascha Feth and Jochen Fiedler look back, talk about developments, goals, the motivation behind them and the statistical future.



Next Generation Computing

Digitalization is bringing with it a flood of data that we will soon no longer be able to handle efficiently with today's computer systems. Neuromorphic computing, trusted computing and quantum computing are the three main pillars on which a future is being built. It is time for a new hybrid computing generation: next generation computing (NGC). Fraunhofer brought the first quantum computer to Germany in November. Now it is starting operation. We are in the process of researching which problems we will solve better with quantum computers in the future and which will be better solved with other architectures.


Project News / 15.12.2020

Autonomous Driving in the Commercial Vehicle Sector for Trucks

In the IdenT research project, we are contributing with our mathematical expertise together with our partners to actively drive the transformation of autonomous transport in the area of trucks.


Press Release / 10.12.2020

Open Data and Analysis Platform for Greater Energy Efficiency Through Smart Meter

The Fraunhofer ITWM is contributing to the development of the "Open Energy Meter Data" platform, which aims to create a web-based contact point for collecting and analyzing energy consumption data. This data represents an important basis for innovations in energy system transformation, whether for the creation of smart grids, efficiency measures or business models based on artificial intelligence.


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