Treatment of HPV Infections

Project HPVex: Design of a Therapeutic Device for HPV Infections of the Cervical Canal

A large proportion of cervical cancer cases are caused by infections with human papilloma viruses (HPV). These viruses can infect the cervix exclusively at the epithelial layer of the outer cervix and spread from there. Prevention or early treatment of such local HPV infections can sustainably prevent cervical cancer.

Virtual Development of an Ablation Device

The project objective of HPVex is the virtual development of a treatment device for the timely thermal ablation of the epithelial layer at the outer cervix. The device design has to allow a safe, therapeutically successful and sparing treatment. In addition, it shall enable mass production at low cost. In the long term, this ablation device can be used to prevent cervical cancer on a large scale.

Device Design and Temperature Simulation

Virtual development of the ablation device starts with the consideration of possible construction designs with special focus on functionality and maintainability. This is followed by the selection of suitable materials with a view to practicality and manufacturing possibilities. Based on the design and material, virtual simulations for heat transfer and ablation process are performed as final validation step.


Project Partner

Dr. med. Hamid Huschmand Nia, Pirmasens