Terahertz Components

We develop practical components for terahertz measurement. These are modular, compact terahertz emitters and detectors as well as miniaturised, photoconductive switches and fiber-coupled components with specific mounting and connection technology.

For Time Domain Spectroscopy TDS photoconductive switches (Antennent) are applied for the production as well as for the proof of broadband terahertz  pulse. For the application, terahertz and pump beam must be very precisely focused on the switch. A fine tuned and stable adjustment of the optical elements is essential for the operation.

For the use of short-pulse lasers at about 800 nm, we offer reliable standard antennas based on low-temperature grown gallium arsenide ( LTG-GaAs). We develop and manufacture customized antennas. We also offer user-friendly and universally applicable mounts for photoconductive switches.