Flow and Material Simulation

We offer competent research and development support in modeling, simulating and optimizing the production, function and application behavior of porous materials and composite materials. We create simulation-based digital twins down to the material level to sustainably improve your production processes and your product development (filtration and batteries) as well as to quantitatively co-evaluate raw material and energy balances.


Our Expertise in Flow and Material Simulation

  • We provide digital twins for products made of porous and composite materials.
  • We calculate effective material properties and create material maps and material databases.
  • We develop customized simulation and optimization solutions for your production processes and product developments.
  • We advise and support you in setting up continuous simulation workflows in your company.

Technical Textiles and Nonwoven Materials

Simulation of nonwovens, knitted fabrics, spacer fabrics, smart textiles and bio-based yarns as well as textiles


Filtration, Separation and Reactive Transport

Separation processes, purification, absorption, reactive mass transport, catalysis and reaction engineering


Lightweight Construction and Insulation Materials

Composites, foams, fiber and particle reinforcement, additive manufacturing, process simulation

We create »Digital Material Twins« for our customers that look at manufacturing  as well as material behavior– including lifetime assessment and recycling – and thus accelerate your development of innovative, sustainable products. Examples include material substitutions by bio-based and biohybrid plastics in textiles for protective or sports clothing and in foams for self-regulating insulation materials as well as product-optimized composites in lightweight construction and efficient and alternative battery concepts for electromobility and self-cleaning air and liquid filters.


Fluid Dynamics Process Simulation

We deal with flow problems of complex fluids in injection molding, infiltration, foaming, filling, draining, potting, pressing or drying.


Microstructure Simulation and Virtual Material Design

We optimize complex structures in tension, compression, bending, crash, creep, fatigue, electrical, magnetic, thermal, thermomechanics, permeability or capillarity.


Laboratory for Material Characterization

Air permeability, thickness measurement, tensile, compression and bending measurements, dynamic-mechanical-thermal analyses or master curves


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