Flow and Material Simulation

Our department offers competent research and development support in modeling, simulation and optimization of the production, functionalization and use of porous and composite materials for different applications.

Customer inquiries e.g. relate to the production and functionalization of filter materials and technical filter systems, batteries or fuel cells, foams for insulation, or fiber and particle reinforced lightweight components, just to name a few.

What makes this department unique is the resident expertise in company-specific software solutions and the development, supply, and specific use of multi-scale and multi-physics methods suitable for industrial application. Our simulation tools combine actual research results of model reduction methods, automatic parameter identification and machine learning to increase efficiency.

Our Expertise in Flow and Material Simulation Includes

  • Simulation services using advanced software tools
  • Computation of effective properties of materials and generation of material data bases
  • Multi-scale and multi-physics modeling and simulation
  • Tailor-made simulation and optimization solutions
  • Consulting and support for establishing simulation toolchains and workflow in your enterprise

Fields of Activity


Technical Textiles and Nonwoven Materials

Multi-scale modeling and simulation of technical textiles, nonwoven materials and fiber materials with heterogeneous micro-structure is at the focus of this research.


Microstructure Simulation and Virtual Material Design

The optimization of complex 3D structures of Materials is at the focus.


Lightweight Design and Insulating Materials

Computer simulation methods and automatic optimization methods for the design and dimensioning of components are used here.


Filtration and Separation

Requirements for efficiency, dirt absorption and service life make design and optimization of filter elements a challenge.


Complex Fluids and Multiphase Flow

The Complex Fluids Group deals with rheological complex fluid flow problems and analysis of physical complex processes relevant for industrial applications.


Electrochemistry and Batteries

Electrochemical simulation, especially for Li-ion batteries, is the focus here.


Laboratory With Characterization of Materials

We offer fluid and structural mechanical material characterization from a single source.

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