knowCube® - Tools for Interactive Knowledge Management and Multicriteria graphical Decision-making

»Looking for a needle in a haystack« or the analysis of complex scenarios is supported decisively by the use of interactive, graphical-dynamic exploration techniques  -  along with the estimation of objects found or the assessment of alternative solutions gained.

These approches facilitate the human perception of large amounts of information, the grasping of complex contexts to a great extant and help, for example, in the following questions:

  • How do you get quickly an overview of the information flood, »What separates the wheat from the chaff«?
  • Is it quite plain to see sensitivity and causality between the control and target variables of processes?
  • Are solution alternatives able to be counterbalanced objectively in decision-making situations?
  • Which methods for communicating multicriteria, temporally developing scenarios are suitable for laymen, too?


Information retrieval in a different way. Any number of words and phrases are found simultaneously ‒ in documents of different types, which may be spread in complex directory structures.


Even a layperson can search for patents, let his keywords be "highlighted" in the specification displayed, manage his documents and log his diary activities.



An "intelligent touchscreen" supports telephone consultations in the sector of healthcare.

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He/She looks for news in public and Fraunhofer-licensed Internet sources, creates weighted hit lists, and highlights all search items in the content of the documents.



Intuitive, graphical, interactive methods for the management of complex scenarios, with fields of application in marketing, in product development as well as in production and innovation processes. [German Flyer]