EU-Project DOTNAC: Development and Optimization of THz NDT on Aeronautics Composite Multi-layered Structures

Within the framework of the DOTNAC project, funded by the EU, we developed a terahertz scanner for testing aircraft components together with partners from research and industry. The project focused on non-destructive quality control of fiberglass compounds and paint coatings. Terahertz waves reliably detect defective adhesive joints, foreign objects or air bubbles in the material. Next to such material defects the system is capable of monitoring the layer thickness of single paint coatings.

Partners from five different nations worked on a system which was designed to be seamlessly integrated into production processes of the aircraft industry. In this sector, terahertz measurement technology is meant to supplement established measurement techniques such as thermography or ultrasound and thus contribute to a more efficient and end-to-end quality control (sensor fusion).

Projekt partners

  • Royal Military Academy, Belgium
  • Verhaert New Products & Services , Belgium
  • Support, Belgium
  • Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Fraunhofer ITWM (formerly IPM), Germany
  • CNRS, France
  • Centro de Tecnologias Aeronauticas, Spain
  • Applus+ LGAI Technological Centre S.A., Spain
  • CIMNE, Spain
  • Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel