Products and Services

For our Industry Partners

Engineering, modeling and simulation with commerical CAE software

  • Multibody simulation (MBS) and mechatronic system simulation (multi-physics)
  • Structural mechanics (FEM)
  • Durability engineering: load data and lifetime calculation
  • Statistical experimental design and evaluation
  • Factor models and variance analysis for the modeling of customer use
  • Casting simulation

Technical and process-related consulting and support for the introduction of CAE and optimization-related work:

  • Training and seminars
  • Pilot / Technology introduction projects
  • Benchmarking, selection of software tools
  • Induction and commissioning projects

Simulation Center Rhineland-Palatinate

  • The aim of the center is to bring the application of CAE methods in Rhineland-Palatinate companies forward.

With and for our Industry Partners, usually with Public Subsidies

Method development and research projects

  • Development of new methods for modeling, simulation and analysis


CD Tire

Scalable tire models for full vehicle simulations.


IPS Cable Simulation

Interactive simulation of flexible structures (cables, hoses, ...) in real-time.


We developed a highly automated measurement system. MeSOMICS® stands for Measurement System for the Optically Monitored Identification of Cable Stiffnesses.


Statistics for fatigue testing and reliability analysis.


Simulation of durability loads representing a vehicle's entire design life based on selective measurements on public roads

VMC® - Virtual Measurement Campaign

Geo-referenced analysis of environmental conditions with regard to load and energy efficiency in vehicle development.