Products, Services and Competences

Terahertz Waves – A Spectral Range with a Great Deal of Potential

The terahertz range has been comprehensively technically exploited for the first time in the last few years. With frequencies between 0.1 and 10 terahertz (THz), this spectral range lies between microwaves and infrared radiation. The corresponding wavelengths range from 3 mm to 30 µm.

Terahertz waves unite the advantages of the two neighboring spectral regions: high penetration depth and low scattering combined with good spatial resolution are characteristic properties of terahertz waves. Unlike UV radiation or X-rays, for example, terahertz waves do not change the chemical structure of substances and materials. Consequently, they are not harmful to humans.

Products and Services

Flexible Pipe Inspection: Pipe Scanner

Our measuring system allows direct testing of the pipe wall thickness at four freely selectable positions.

Mobile Handheld Scanner

Our handheld terahertz sensor for mobile application is a complete terahertz inspection system for non-destructive on-site testing.

Terahertz Mail Scanner

In cooperation with Hübner GmbH & Co. KG we developed a mail scanner, that is able inspect unopened suspicious postal deliveries.

Terahertz Components

We develop and manufacture customized antenna and offer user-friendly and universally applicable mounts for photoconductive switches.

Technologies and Competences


Our non-contact and non-destructive technologies in the terahertz range in various focus areas:

Hyperspectral Imaging for Ripe Tomatoes

Using hyperspectral imaging, we determine, for example, the BRIX or sugar content of tomatoes, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the degree of ripeness. Important information for the food industry, as it determines the perfect time to harvest.

Opto-Electronic Systems Design

We develop flexible terahertz systems according to customer requirements including customized evaluation software.