Profile of Georg von Freymann

Fields of Activity / Competences

  • Terahertz technology for quality control
  • 3-dimensional additive micro manufacturing
  • Nano photonics



Major Publications

  • Schreiner, N.S.; Sauer-Greff, W.; Urbansky, R.; Freymann, G.; Friederich F.:
    Multilayer thickness measurements below the Rayleigh limit using  FMCW millimeter and Terahertz waves.
    Sensors Online journal Vol. 19, 18, 3910, (2019).
  • Haase, B., Kutas, M., Riexinger, F., Bickert, P., Keil, A., Molter, D., Bortz, M., von Freymann, G.:
    Spontaneous parametric down-conversion of photons at 660 nm to the terahertz and sub-terahertz frequency range.
    Optics Express Vol. 27 No. 5 7458 (2019).
  • Molter, D.; Kolano, M.; von Freymann, G.:
    Terahertz cross-correlation spectroscopy driven by incoherent light from a superluminescent diode.
    Optics Express 27, 12659-12665 (2019).