Opto-Electronic Systems Design

Photonic terahertz (THz) technology with femtosecond (fs) laser offers a great potential for non-contact or non-destructive testing of objects objects or the spectroscopic identification of chemical substances. For industrial use, the systems not only have to be robust and compact, but also readily capable of integration into the specific application. We develop terahertz systems including evaluation software to meet customer requirements.

Fiber-coupled terahertz systems are the key here to the future widespread deployment of terahertz technology. The modular design of the transmission and receiver unit permits the switchover between transmission and reflection measurements. In order to have flexible terahertz emitters and detectors for practical application, light pulses with a pulse width of 100 fs have to be transmitted by optical fibers of several meters in length. Compensation is required for any dispersion occurring in the fiber, and non-linear effects in the fiber have to be minimized. Compact fs-laser as well as laser wave guidance by means of glass-fiber coupling between supply unit and measurement modules today enable the implementation of a terahertz TDS system with a high level of stability, flexibility and portability for versatile use in the industrial environment.