Opto-Electronic Systems Design

The terahertz waves are electromagnetic waves and consequently all common optical techniques are also possible here – only the wavelength used here is larger than in the visible by a factor of 500 – 1000. In most cases, the beam guidance of the terahertz wave is done quasi-optically by means of lenses and mirrors. Near-field techniques increase the lateral resolution of the images. An ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) arrangement is often used to study powders and liquids.

Various mechanical methods allow the scanning of large areas. For the implementation we use either linear axes or galvo scanners. While the former uses sensors with classical lenses, the galvo scanner requires the implementation of special scanning optics.

In all these cases, our experts create a robust optoelectronic system design to meet the application-specific requirements.

In addition to the terahertz wave imaging optics, we develop other optoelectronic components – primarily for the TDS systems. Key components here are the fs laser, delay unit and the terahertz antennas for generating and detecting the terahertz waves.