HIL Simulator

We offer a variety of development and engineering services by means of Hardware-in-the-Loop:

  • Generation of real-time capable simulation models for complex multiphysical processes
  • Simulation and 3D vizualisation
  • Utilization of our HIL-Simulator
  • Support and implementation of electronic control units and mechatronical components
  • Simulation of technical failures e.g. loose contact, cable breaks or short circuits

In addition, we provide support for the design of control algorithms and logical dependencies on the control units:

  • Development and implementation of robust and high-performance controllers (from conventional PID controllers to more extensive model-based methods)
  • Development of test scenarios and implementation of the controller validation

Our HIL-Simulator

In order to cover as many questions as possible, the department has a fully equipped HIL simulator:

  • 80 analog voltage inputs
  • 74 analog current inputs
  • 110 analog voltage outputs
  • 44 analog current outputs
  • 56 resistance simulations
  • 12 buses of different types
  • 200 digital inputs (also PWM)
  • 144 digital outputs (also PWM)
  • Fault simulations for each canal which can be switched externally

In addition, programmable control units are used to implement and test control algorithms.

HIL Simulator
HIL Simulator

Your benefits

  • Real-time capable system simulation
  • Parallel development of controller and system (Rapid Control Prototyping)
  • Fast commissioning
  • Cost efficient controller validation
  • Identification of undesirable hardware dependant effects
  • Safe tests of critical operating states
  • Comprehensive fault simulations
  • Automated tests
  • Consultation and project assistance provided by our experts