Products and Services

Multiscale Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

  • complex flow dynamics processes
  • and computer-assisted material and component design

with its own (see below) and commercial software products (including GeoDict, Ansys, Fluent, Abaqus, OpenFOAM)


Consulting, Studies, Analysis of Flow and Material Design

  • Feasibility studies and benchmarking
  • Technology development and technology launches
  • Simulation studies for design and design optimization as well as sensitivity analyzes
  • Specific software development and integration into CAE process

Software Products

In the following, we present the software products which are developed and further developed within our work:

Material Characterization


Determination of thermomechanical material values ​​and material testing with the DMTA test machine.


GeoDict is a generic approach to integrate the characterization of existing materials and the development of new materials.


Products - Mechanical Properties of Microstructures

FeelMath - Analysis Tool for Micro-Structures

FeelMath is a fast and easy to use analysis tool for micro-structures given by 3D images (tomography) or virtual material structures (i.e. GeoDict)


The software is used for the modeling and simulation of fiber structures and technical textiles.

Products - Filtration


The software package simulates three-dimensional flow, transport and reactions of chemically reactive solutes in dissolved porous median.

FiltEST - Filter Element Simulation Toolbox

More than ten years of expertise and experience in filtration modeling and simulation have flown into the newly developed Filter Element Simulation Toolbox (FiltEST).

Products - Complex Fluids and Electrochemistry

BEST - Battery and Electrochemistry Simulation Tool

BEST is a software environment for physics-based, three-dimensional simulation of lithium-ion batteries.

FLUID - Simulation software for complex fluids

FLUID is a software for simulations with highly complex non-Newtonian multi-phase fluid phenomena.

GRAIN - Granular and Bulk Flow Simulation

GRAIN is an infrastructure for the design of products and processes which involve granular media.