Products and Services

We create digital twins and software solutions with our own and commercial software products (e.g. GeoDict, Ansys, Fluent, Abaqus, OpenFOAM) for multiscale modeling, multiphysics simulation and optimization of complex fluid dynamic production processes and computer-aided material and component design. 

Our work includes:

  • Feasibility studies and benchmarking
  • Technology development and technology introduction projects
  • Simulation studies for layout and design optimization as well as sensitivity analyses
  • Specific software development and integration into CAE processes
  • Software integration and software licenses
  • The corresponding material characterization in the laboratory (structural and fluid mechanical material characterization)

We have already developed the following software products as part of our work. They are continuously developed further and can be licensed:

Transport in Porous Media


BEST – Battery and Electrochemistry Simulation Tool

BEST is a software environment for physics-based, three-dimensional simulation of lithium-ion batteries.


FiltEST – Filter Element Simulation Tool

More than ten years of expertise and experience in filtration modeling and simulation have flown into the newly developed Filter Element Simulation Tool (FiltEST).



The software package simulates three-dimensional flow, transport and reactions of chemically reactive solutes in dissolved porous median.

Multiscale Mechanics


FeelMath – Analysis Tool for Micro-Structures

FeelMath is a fast and easy to use analysis tool for micro-structures given by 3D images (tomography) or virtual material structures (i.e. GeoDict)



The software is used for the modeling and simulation of fiber structures and technical textiles.

Complex Fluids and Multiphase Flows


FOAM – Simulation of PU Foams

Our FOAM solver simulates the expansion process of PU foams in any given geometry and offers the possibility to calculate the foam formation process.


FLUID – Simulation software for complex fluids

FLUID is a software for simulations with highly complex non-Newtonian multi-phase fluid phenomena.


GRAIN – Granular and Bulk Flow Simulation

GRAIN is an infrastructure for the design of products and processes which involve granular media.