Material Analysis

Material characterization is often based on spectroscopic issues:

  • Identifying materials
  • Determining certain characteristics such as moisture or sugar content

Terahertz spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, laser-induced plasma spectroscopy, spectroscopy in the NIR and visual, and fluorescence measurement are primarily used here. Each of these techniques has its individual advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the requirements, our experts select the appropriate measurement technique.

Example Project


Terahertz Mail Scanner

Letter and parcel bombs are a constant hazard of our time. Consequently, there is a demand for improved inspection of postal deliveries, which does not involve breaching the inviolability of the mail.


Hyperspectral Imaging for Ripe Tomatoes

Using hyperspectral imaging, we determine, for example, the BRIX or sugar content of tomatoes, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the degree of ripeness. Important information for the food industry, as it determines the perfect time to harvest.