The core competence of the Optimization division is the individual solution of planning and decision problems in logistics, engineering and life sciences, coordinated with customers. Methodically, the solution approaches are based on a close interlocking of:


By this we understand the model- or data-based virtual structure generation under consideration of restrictions and free design parameters as well as the identification of quality and cost measures for the evaluation of the structures to be optimized.


The core competence of our department is the development and implementation of customized optimization methods for the computation of best possible solutions. Special attention is paid to multi-criteria tasks with competing cost and quality measures and the integration of simulation and optimization algorithms.

Decision Support

This includes consulting and structuring of decision processes, as well as the development and implementation of interactive decision support tools, especially for multi-objective optimization. We support the continuous process of an optimization problem by developing appropriate tools. Special attention is paid to the adequate choice of the model with respect to the quantity and quality of the available data. We use machine learning methods to process the data and to calibrate models, but also to augment models and to explain phenomena that cannot be modeled explicitly.

Fields of Activity


Process Engineering

Change requires the development and advancement of processes in the chemical industry. Modeling, simulation and optimization (MSO) are the key.


Life Sciences

Our department »Optimization in Life« develops and provides innovative and individually designed methods as well as software solutions and services in various areas of life sciences.


Production Planning and Scheduling

Forward-looking planning and balanced control of production processes are essential for customer satisfaction and the economic success of a producing company.


Energy and Supply

Renewable energies are an important component of the energy supply. We develop future-proof planning software that integrates the domain knowledge of experts with mathematical optimization algorithms to support investment and business model decisions.


Optimal Utilization of Gemstones

Only with the right cut gemstones show what they are made of. We use the latest methods of mathematical optimization to calculate efficient solutions.


Machine Learning and Hybrid Models

Model-based optimization with reliable models could lead to significant improvements of processes in practice.

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the Head of the Division, Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Küfer.

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