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Here we will inform you about the latest research topics, upcoming events and other news of the department.

Ongoing Ph.D.

  • Model predictive control of differential-algebraic systems with application to electrical networks (Dimitri Morgenstern)

Recently Completed Ph.D.

  • Nonlinear switched DAEs: Analysis, control theory and application to energy networks (Ferdinand Küsters)
  • DAE-Modellierung und mathematische Stabilitätsanalyse von Energieversorgungsnetzen (Tjorben Groß)
  • Stability Preservation for Parametric Model Order Reduction by Matrix Interpolation (Andreas Barthlen)
  • Structure-Exploiting Coupled Symbolic-Numerical Model Reduction for Electrical Networks (Oliver Schmidt)

Scientific Assistants/Interns

We are always looking for student assistants and interns with good programming skills, especially in C/C++, Python, or Matlab. We offer a variety of practical activities in our projects. In addition, other large software packages (for example, dSpace, Labview) are often used, where the possibility exists. The remuneration is to be agreed upon.



The seminar »KL-Regelungstechnik« (Kaiserslautern – Control Theory and Control Engineering) is organized by our department as well as several research groups  of the TU Kaiserslautern:

  • Technomathematics (Dep. of Mathematics)
  • Mechatronics in Mechenical and Automotive Engineering (Dep. of Mechanical and Process Engineering)
  • Automation Control (Dep. of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Electromobility (Dep. of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

The seminar takes place at the ITWM every 1st Tuesday of a month (besides holidays and summer break). Aims are broadening of experiences and exchange of scientific views – also beyond the organizing groups.

Typical subjects of talks are:

  • ongoing or recently finished graduations and doctoral theses
  • current research and projects


More on the seminar series: to the KL-Regelungstechnik-Seminar

Webinar-Series: Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

In our webinar series »Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance« we inform you about current possibilities of intelligent digitalization in the operation and maintenance of plants.

The event usually takes place at regular intervals (apart from holiday shifts and summer break) (planned monthly). The goals are to broaden horizons and exchange ideas on smart digitization, also across the participating groups.


More about the Webinar-Series: Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance



Fair / 21.-23.6.2022

E-World Energy & Water

The event is rescheduled for June 21 - 23, 2022.

The topics of E-world 2022 are innovative solutions for the energy supply of the future – from generation, transport and storage to trading, efficiency and green technologies. The teams from the departments »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control«, »High Performance Computing«, »Optimization« and »Financial Mathematics« will present their research in the energy industry.

Digital Seminar / Kaiserslautern / 9.12.2021

KL-Regelungstechnik Seminar Series

The seminar »KL-Regelungstechnik« (Kaiserslautern – Control Theory and Control Engineering) is organized by our department as well as several research groups of the TU Kaiserslautern.

Dr. Svyatoslav Pavlichkov (TU Kaiserslautern, Mechatronics in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (MEC)) will speak on the topic »Stability, Decentralized Control and Decentralized Adaptive Control of Infinite Networks«.


Digital Lecture / 2.12.2021


»Predictive Maintenance« is a popular buzzword when it comes to maintenance and production. Our colleague Dr. Benjamin Adrian shows the immediate benefits of »Predictive Maintenance« and presents ongoing projects. The implementations with customers make it clear how to effectively put initial systems into operation.


Press Release / 24.9.2021

Art Installation BRAINPALACE

[only available in German] 

Can neuroscientific research and art conceive new approaches to promote empathy and togetherness? The interdisciplinary artistic research project BRAINPALACE – BRAINPATTERNS investigates this big question. A possible answer is formulated by the light installation, which can be seen at the Fraunhofer ITWM in Kaiserslautern until September 28, 2021.

Virtual Conference / 30.9.2021

Innovation Excellence Days 2021

[only available in German]

Smart technologies support infrastructure on a daily basis. The Internet of Things (IoT) connects physical objects with the virtual world and thus enables applications such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence takes over control functions, etc.. At this year's innovation conference, projects and use cases from these areas will be presented in particular. 

We are digitally on site with a team of experts from the »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control« and »Image Processing« departments and will be speaking on the topic of »Predictive Maintenance«.

Conference / 20.9-21.9

Smart Construction Machines Excellence Forum

[only available in German]

The Smart Construction Machines Excellence Forum brings together construction companies, leading experts from science and practice, and pioneering construction machinery manufacturers to exchange ideas on innovative solutions for Construction Site 4.0. The goal is to crystallize solutions to advance the networking of vehicles, machines and equipment with people at the center.

Dr. Christian Salzig from the department »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control«, will speak as keynote speaker on the topic »Can digital twins move mountains?«