EMOS - The Fun Way to your Well-being

Now you can improve your own room climate and have fun doing it! A project for the energy management of rental housing with open source smart meters (EMOS) makes it possible.

The project studies how the optimal room climate can be achieved. The optimum indoor climate saves energy and reduces harmful CO2 emissions. This not only serves the environment, but also makes a positive contribution to your own well-being. Consequently, the efficient heating and ventillation can be used in an energy efficient way to control the comfort of the room climate.

HexaBus provides a comfortable room climate

Based on our HexaBus home automation system, devices are being developed that can measure the temperature and humidity and provide recommendations for the residents. Subscribers can compare the recorded values on a display via a website. The feedback about the room climate in your own home helps to save heating and electric costs.

The project EMOS helped tenants to attend of energy saving even in old houses.