Functional Materials

We use mathematical methods for a wide range of applications of functional materials: Among other things, we develop software for property optimization of complex three-dimensional geometric structures of porous materials and composites.

By functional materials we mean materials that are characterized by special fluidic and thermomechanical properties and/or additionally electrical, magnetic, acoustic, optical and biochemical properties and that can be specifically modified to influence the macroscopic component behavior. If a change in properties is also possible on the material or workpiece already produced, this is also referred to as intelligent/smart materials.

Fields of Application and Projects


Flow and Material Simulation

Programmable Materials

In various projects in the field »Programmable Materials«, we are researching on how we can give materials new functionalities.


Image Processing

Fiber Reinforced Composites

Fiber reinforced composites widely used in light weight design. Why?


Flow and Material Simulation

Cellulosic Materials

It was the aim of this project to determine numerically the effective transport properties of a cellulosic layer.


Flow and Material Simulation

Volume change and phase separation in electrode materials

In ALIB the existing electrochemical simulation models of BEST were expanded.


Flow and Material Simulation

Simulation Supported Design of Fuel Cells

The aim of the research group OPTIGAA is to enable the computer-assisted design of fuel cells.


Flow and Material Simulation

Micromechanical Simulation of the Resilience of Nonwovens


Flow and Material Simulation

Optimization of Thermal Insulation Materials

Our focus is on multi-scale modeling and simulation.


Flow and Material Simulation

Virtual Structure Generation for Papers and Cartons

We developed PaperGeo, which enables microstructure models.


Flow and Material Simulation

Microstructure-Based Calculation Method for Core Sand

With µ-Kern we are developing micromechanical simulation models.


Flow and Material Simulation

Efficient Multi-Scale Methods for Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics


Flow and Material Simulation

Characterization and Modelling of Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

We contribute our simulation expertise.


Flow and Material Simulation

Simulation Chain for Components

In several projects with Bosch, we have developed a simulation chain that takes the manufacturing process of fiber-reinforced components into account.


Flow and Material Simulation

CustoMat 3D

The aim of the project »CustoMat 3D« is to use simulation-aided development and qualification to create custom-made aluminum alloy materials for use in laser additive manufacturing.


Flow and Material Simulation

Adaptive Approximation Methods for Multiscale Simulation of Composites

Project MuSiKo


Flow and Material Simulation

Residual Stresses in Aluminum-Silicon Cast Alloys

The project investigates Al-Si cast alloys.


Flow and Material Simulation

Simulation Fiber Boards

Together with our partners, we develop basic principles for the production and the strength calculation of light MDF boards.


Project REVIT

Together with Fraunhofer IWM, we are working on creating microscale models. Based on these, material maps are calibrated for the mechanical characterization of fiber composites.


Flow and Material Simulation

Adhesive Connections for Plate and Slice Components

The project was designed and optimized as easy as possible for gluing connections for plate and slice components.