Mathematics for the Textile Industry at ITWM

We use mathematical methods for a wide range of applications in the textile industry. From the classic material simulation of various knitted or crocheted fabrics, we also analyze and optimize spinning processes or inspect leather for faults and quality with our image processing expertise.

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Application Examples and Projects


Digital Twin Optimizes Nonwovens Production

In the ViDestoP project, our research focuses on the entire nonwovens production chain.


ProQuIV: Nonwovens Production

We optimize the entire production chain of nonwoven fabrics using learning methods and process simulation.


Transport Processes

Machine Learning in Textile Industry

Intelligent machine systems and machine learning (ML) are dramatically changing the way we work.


Flow and Material Simulation

Softwaretool TexMath


Flow and Material Simulation

Simulation of Mechanical Textile Properties

Multiscale modeling and simulation of textiles and fibers


Transport Processes

Simulation of Meltblown Processes

Our simulations make meltblown processes in the production of nonwovens more efficient.


Flow and Material Simulation

Optimization of Nano-Meltdown-Fibers

We develop a significantly more efficient meltblown production process than current state of the art technologies.


Flow and Material Simulation

Simulation of Leather Properties

The reaserch aim of the project is the creation of a 3D-FEM structure model for leather.


Image Processing

Quality Control of Leather

We developed an automatic inspection system for quality control of leather.


Flow and Material Simulation

Draping Process for FRP Components Made From High Performance Textiles

AIF-Project »OptiDrape«


Transport Processes

Virtual Bobbin Dyeing and Optimization

We develop an algorithm that simulates a virtual bobbin on the basis of the setting parameters and can calculate its density.


Transport Processes

Design of a Nonwoven Spunbond Plant

In close cooperation, a new nonwoven spunbond plant has been constructed on the basis of simulation results.


Transport Processes

Spunbond Processes

Spunbond processes are industrial processes for the production of nonwovens. To answer questions about the process, we simulate the complete Spunbond plant.


Flow and Material Simulation

Properties of Knitted Spacer Fabrics

DFG Project »Modelling of the Structure and the Properties of 3D Warp Knitted Spacer Fabrics and Experimental Evaluation«


Transport Processes

Airlay Processes

In close cooperation with machinery manufacturer Autefa Solutions, we simulated the K12 process for an optimal design of the Airlay process.


Flow and Material Simulation

Optimization of Cellulosic Materials

It was the aim of this project to determine numerically the effective transport properties of a cellulosic layer.


Flow and Material Simulation

RIM Processes of Polyurethane Foams

In the FoamInTextil project we simulate filling processes of polyurethane foams.


Flow and Material Simulation

Analysis and Optimization of Paper Machine Clothings

We analyze and simulate the behaviour of press felts.


Transport Processes

Simulation Needle Boards

Needling of nonwovens is a process for bonding nonwovens.


Flow and Material Simulation

Micromechanical Simulation of the Resilience

We use micromechanical simulation models for the behavior of nonwovens.


Transport Processes

Analysis and Optimization of a Texturing Nozzle

We investigate methods to optimize the air flow in the texturing nozzle.