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We are one of the world's largest mathematical research institutes and our goal is to further develop mathematics as a key technology, give innovative impetus and implement it in practice together with industry partners. Methodologically, our research areas are based on modeling, simulation and optimization. Integral parts of our projects are consulting and implementation, support in the application of high-performance computer technology and providing tailor-made software solutions. We not only use simulation software, but also develop it ourselves, often in cooperation with leading software companies.
Nowadays, companies of all sizes use simulations on regular bases which gives them benefit in terms of product innovation and quality assurance. Our customers are mainly in the automotive, mechanical engineering, textile, computer industry and finance sectors.


3G rules apply on the premises of the Fraunhofer Center! (In German 3G stands for vaccinated – tested – recovered/ geimpft – getestet – genesen) All visitors must be either fully vaccinated, recovered or tested and must also prove this at the reception. The mask requirement in our buildings remains in place.



Streuspanne Blog Entry / 20.5.2022

What Helps Mask That Are Barely Worn?

The Corona pandemic seems to be disappearing from our everyday lives and minds, and with it the masks from our faces. It feels like only half of the people still wear a mask in the supermarket. So today our blogging colleagues are asking the question: What good are masks that are hardly worn any more?


Blog Post / 16.5.2022

Machine Learning (ML) and Trust – To Be Continued

In the last post of our AI blog, we opened up the topic of »Explainability of Artificial Intelligence« (AI), which we want to continue in this blog post:


News / 16.5.2022

New »Fraunhofer Research Manager«

Dr. Valeria Bartsch from the division »High Performance Computing« has received the »Fraunhofer Research Manager« certificate. In the predicate program, selected Fraunhofer talents learn to shape their ability to act at the interface between science and industry and the targeted, effective transfer of research results.


Blogpost Newsletter / 11.5.2022

Robust Through the Crisis With Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

In times of delivery problems and rising energy prices, condition-based and predictive maintenance provides the basis for good planning. Our colleague Dr Benjamin Adrian reports in the german newsletter of the Economic Development Corporation (WFG).


Software News / 12.5.2022

New ToolIP Version

Our new ToolIP version is here! Our software »ToolIP – Tool for Image Processing« supports interactive development in image processing. The new version offers among other things new useful plug-ins and functions. Feel free to request a demo version!


Press Release / 28.4.2022

Digital Twins and Terahertz Waves Ensure Quality

The Fraunhofer ITWM will again be present at the international trade fair for quality assurance »Control« in Stuttgart. From May 3 to 6, our researchers show their testing systems for assuring product quality in industrial environments in hall 6, booth 6301. 


Article / 27.4.2022

Reporting Delay and Fewer Tests

Omicron appears to be pushing Corona statistics to their limits. The incidence is increasingly inaccurate, and the hospitalization rate lags behind. Experts therefore warn against being blinded by the current figures.

Our team around Dr. Jan Mohring supports with mathematics and simulation to approach the current dark figure in Germany. Read more in the Hessenschau article:


Press Release / 25.4.2022

Math Ins-π-res Not Only on Girls' Day

[Only available in German]

On April 28, girls can try out various digital workshops and livestreams at Fraunhofer, learn about exciting professions and come into direct contact with female scientists. Of course, our female researchers will also show their exciting fields of work. Ins-π-ration will also come from Youtuber Susanne Scherer aka MathemaTrick, who is originally from Kaiserslautern.


Streuspanne Blogpost / 20.4.2022

How (In)Dependent Are Multiple Antigen Tests at a Time?

[Only available in German]

Do several Corona rapid tests in a row increase the reliability of the result? In one of the last blog posts, we cautiously approached this question. Now we want to close this gap. Because tests are not really independent of each other, but show correlations. But how can such correlations play out?

Upcoming Events 2022


Fraunhofer ITWM, Seminar 18. – 19.5.2022

Load Data – Analysis, Design and Simulation

[only available in German]

About once a year, our division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« offers a three-day seminar on »Load Data - Analysis, Design and Simulation«. The event is directed, among others, at the target group of calculators and test engineers.


Udine, Italy, Conference / 18.5. – 19.5.2022


At the conference, participants will gain insight into how key players in the global automotive industry are currently using simulations and driving simulators to accelerate the development of new vehicles. We will be there with our experts Francesco Calabrese and Christoph Burkhart from our division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« and present some of our projects.


Hannover, Fair / 18.5. – 20.5.2022

22. Tire Technology Expo

Our colleague Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Math. Axel Gallrein from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will give a presentation about »CD-Tire«, our software for tire modeling, in the workshop »Tire Modeling and its Application in Tire and Vehicle Development«.


Chemnitz, Conference / 19.5.2022

Women in Data Science

Two experts from our department »Financial Mathematics« will be on site to present their work at Fraunhofer ITWM in the field of activity »Data Science« . 

WiDS Chemnitz is an event organized by a junior group of the TU Chemnitz, which offers outstanding women the opportunity to present their excellent work on Data Science.


Digital Fair / 19.5.2022

Fraunhofer Career Fair@Home

At the career fair you have the chance to get to know 17 Fraunhofer Institutes better. Exciting job offers and much more await you.


Kaiserslautern, Workshop / 23.5. – 24.5.2022

German-French Workshop »Mathematical Image Processing«

Together with the Franco-German University we organize a Workshop on the topic »Mathematical Image Processing / Traitement d'image mathématique«. A team from our department »Image Processing« will contribute to the exciting program with posters and talks.


Aachen, VDI Conference / 23.5. – 24.5.2022

Tire – Chassis – Roadway

Every two years, the »Tire – Chassis – Roadway« conference provides information on innovations in the development and design of tires, chassis technology and roadways.

Our tire experts are on site and give a presentation on a hardware-in-the-loop simulation for virtual testing of control units.




Kassel, Conference / 23.5. – 25.5.2022

Annual Meeting 2022 of the DGZfP

The annual conference on non-destructive material testing is organized by the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP). We will be on site with a team. Please feel free to visit us at our small information booth! Joachim Jonuscheit, deputy head of the department »Material Characterization and Testing«, will also give a presentation on »Microwaves« and »Terahertz«.


Hamburg, Conference / 29.5.2022 – 2.6.2022

ISC High Performance 2022

ISC High Performance is the largest community gathering in Europe for High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. Some of our experts from the division »High Performance Computing« will also be present and contribute to the program with a booth (Booth J908).


Workshop / Kaiserslautern / 31.05. – 01.06.2022

10th International Workshop on Terahertz Technology and Applications

In 2022, our Terahertz Workshop will again offer everyone the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of terahertz technology. 2022 it will take place for the 10th time.


Online Event / 13.6.2022

Integrata Academy Public

The Integrata Foundation is organizing a series of online lectures with experts from inside and outside the foundation to talk about current developments in artificial intelligence and related issues. Our institute director Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel and our colleague Dr. Henrike Stepahni will give a presentation.


Mauritius, Symposium / 19.6. - 25.6..2022

11. Triennial Symposium on Transportation Analysis (TRISTAN XI)

The TRISTAN Symposium is an opportunity to present the latest research results and applications in the field of traffic analysis and traffic science. Our institute director Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel and our colleagues Dr. Michael Burger and Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Schiewe will be represented in various lectures.


Fraunhofer ITWM, DVM/SF2M-Workshop / 22. – 23.6.2022

BigData Approaches for Fatigue Assessment

Our expert Michael Burger, will give a presentation on Data Based Estimation of Vehicle Loads Quantities at this workshop.

The DVM/SF2M workshop is devoted to enhance exchanges between French & German structural durability communities, especially dealing with ground transportation industries. 


Leipzig, Conference / 23.6. - 24.6.2022

Risk Management and Investment in Insurance 2022

Our colleagues Dr. Stefan Mai and Dr. Ralf Korn from the department »Financial Mathematics« will present the calculation of the solvency capital using the Least Squares Monte Carlo method and its implementation. They will also examine how sensitivities can be implemented using differential machine learning.


Kaiserslautern, Hybrid Event / 28.6.2022

Blick über den Tellerrand

Every month our institute opens its doors and invites everyone to broaden their horizon. The interdisciplinary lecture series »Blick über den Tellerrand« presents different perspectives on a wide spectrum of topics. On June 28, 2022, our hybrid event will be entitled »PISA – Mathematical Competencies in International Comparison« The german speaker will be Prof. Dr. Kristina Reiss, head of the PISA study in Germany. 


Kaiserslautern, Symposium / 22.7.2022

5th Young Researchers Symposium 2022

Are you enthusiastic about your PhD topic? Inspire us, too! Show us that your work is not a boring page filler, but fascinate us and your audience with your research. The aim is to give people from outside the field an insight into their own project. The focus is on entertainment and excitement.

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