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We are one of the world's largest mathematical research institutes and our goal is to further develop mathematics as a key technology, give innovative impetus and implement it in practice together with industry partners. Methodologically, our research areas are based on modeling, simulation and optimization. Integral parts of our projects are consulting and implementation, support in the application of high-performance computer technology and providing tailor-made software solutions. We not only use simulation software, but also develop it ourselves, often in cooperation with leading software companies.
Nowadays, companies of all sizes use simulations on regular bases which gives them benefit in terms of product innovation and quality assurance. Our customers are mainly in the automotive, mechanical engineering, textile, computer industry and finance sectors.


3G rules apply on the premises of the Fraunhofer Center! (In German 3G stands for vaccinated – tested – recovered/ geimpft – getestet – genesen) All visitors must be either fully vaccinated, recovered or tested and must also prove this at the reception. The mask requirement in our buildings remains in place.



Video Series / 2.12.2022

Tell Us Your Lautrer Math Story, Daniel Krüger!

In the current video of our series »Tell Us Your Lautrer Math Story!« Daniel Krüger talks to us about himself and his math career – because this is not only impressive for his young age, but also always closely linked to our institute.


Research News / 1.12.2022

ProQuIV Optimizes the Production of Nonwoven Masks

Producing infection control clothing requires a lot of energy and uses lots of material resources. Fraunhofer researchers have now developed a technology which helps to save materials and energy when producing nonwovens.


IVW Article / 1.12.2022

Participation in the Project »ML4SIM«

Fiber-reinforced plastics play a key role in emission reduction due to their lightweight potential. The structural complexity of fiber structures leads to major challenges. In the project »ML4SIM« with the Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials (IVW), we are developing effective multiscale simulation methods.


Interview / 28.11.2022

Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to Helmut Neunzert

The District Association Palatinate has awarded Helmut Neunzert the Future Prize for his life's work. With the »Lifetime Achievement Award«, the organization recognizes individuals who have rendered outstanding services throughout their lives. He was co-founder and director of our institute. We have used the event to interview him:


AI Blog Post / 23.11.2022

The Most Important Categories of Machine Learning

After explaining in our previous blog post how the two terms »Artificial Intelligence« (AI) and »Machine Learning« (ML) differ from each other, today we are specifically talking about ML and different categories. Axel Preis presents the four most important types of ML – including illustrative examples from practice:


Short News / 3.11.2022

Award for Dissertation

Dr. Petra Gospodnetić was awarded the prize of the Friends of the TU Kaiserslautern for her outstanding dissertation. As part of her research, she developed software that improves automatic inspection and quality assurance in industrial production. More about the research and the person in the online magazine »Unispectrum« of the TU Kaiserslautern:


Impressions / 11.10.2022

MINT-EC-Math-Talent-School 2022

What does the professional world of a mathematician look like and what is applied mathematics? This and much more is what 15 schoolgirls from schools in the national Excellence School Network MINT-EC are currently discovering at our institute. In three exciting projects, they are learning about current research topics from the fields of mathematics, computer science and physics.


Short News / 28.9.2022

Bitkom Working Group High Performance and Quantum Computing

Our colleague Dr. Valeria Bartsch was elected to the board of Bitkom's High Performance and Quantum Computing working group. »Our goal is also to inform small companies about the importance of high-performance computing and to facilitate access,« says our expert. Because HPC is now essential for competitiveness. 

Upcoming Events 2022


Kaiserslautern, Workshop / 28.11. – 01.12.2022

Winter School: Computational Geometry

The TU Kaiserslautern organizes a workshop for students and post-doctoral students of mathematics at our institute. The main topic is the introduction to the computer algebra system OSCAR. In addition, there will be a guided tour through the institute and an info session in the division »High Performance Computing«.


Fraunhofer-Zentrum, Kaiserslautern / Hybrid Talk, Blick über den Tellerrand / 6.12.2022

How Do We Achieve the Climate Targets in Transport?

The December »Blick über den Tellerrand« (Think Outside the Box) is entitled »How Do We Achieve the Climate Targets in Transport?«. Our speaker is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Friedrich, Chair of »Traffic Planning and Traffic Control Engineering« from the University of Stuttgart [Only available in German].


Karslruhe, Seminar With Internship/ 07. – 08.12.2022

Inspection and Characterization of Surfaces With Image Processing

Image processing systems support quality assurance and have become an indispensable part of today's production. We are represented on site with a team from the department »Image Processing« and with lectures.


Maputo, Mozambique, Workshop / 12. – 16.12.2022

Workshop im Rahmen des Projektes »EDDA«

Our colleagues Damjan Hatic and Petra Gospodnetic from the department »Image Processing« are organizing a workshop in Maputo, Mozambique, in the framework of the project »EDDA«. The aim of the workshop is to intensify the cooperation with our local project partners and to further develop the project with the help of data sets on the destruction caused by Cyclone Idai in 2019.


Florence, Italy, Conference / 13 – 16.12.2022

International Conference on Statistics and Data Science

This year, the »International Conference on Statistics and Data Science« will take place for the first time. Experts from our department »Image Processing«  will also be there and will give an exciting presentation on »Finding and Characterizing Cracks in Concrete«.


Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Conference / 25.9. – 27.9.2023

KLAIM 2023

Save the Date for KLAIM 2023: More information about the conference will follow. The aim of the biennial conference is to provide a forum for applied mathematicians from academia, research laboratories, and industry. The focus of KLAIM 2023 is on the combination of model-based approaches and data-driven techniques.

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