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We are one of the world's largest mathematical research institutes and our goal is to further develop mathematics as a key technology, give innovative impetus and implement it in practice together with industry partners. Methodologically, our research areas are based on modeling, simulation and optimization. Integral parts of our projects are consulting and implementation, support in the application of high-performance computer technology and providing tailor-made software solutions. We not only use simulation software, but also develop it ourselves, often in cooperation with leading software companies.
Nowadays, companies of all sizes use simulations on regular bases which gives them benefit in terms of product innovation and quality assurance. Our customers are mainly in the automotive, mechanical engineering, textile, computer industry and finance sectors.



Podcast Streuspanne / 23.05.2024


This week, our podcast team took a closer look at two statistical terms in the »Streuspanne-Lexicon«.

Firstly, »C for critical values« and secondly, »D for degrees of freedom« – both explained briefly and concisely in just a few minutes. [only available in German]


Press Release / 16.05.2024

Doctorate With Application

We and the University of Kaiserslautern-Landau have succeeded in bringing a Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg) to Kaiserslautern! The interdisciplinary program called MIMO – Mathematics of Interdisciplinary Multiobjective Optimization – offers doctoral students the opportunity to combine mathematics and engineering sciences.


Podcast Streuspanne / 13.05.2024

Much Buzz About Bias – How Noise Distorts Decisions and Statistics

How much do you earn in rock music? Whether your answer will be »several million« or »that's breadless art« often has less to do with the question itself than with your own individual distortions and errors in thinking – the statistical noise.

The »Streuspanne« team explains this concept in the new episode. [only in German]


Press Release / 08.05.2024

ISC High Performance Computing

ISC High Performance 2024 is an international conference and exhibition that fosters the growth of a global high-performance computing community of technology providers and users. Our experts from the »High Performance Computing« division were on site at our exhibition stand.


Press Release/ 30.04.2024

Researchers Present the Web Platform »resiLIR«

Incisive events and challenging life circumstances place an enormous burden on mental health. People with a high level of resilience are better prepared for stress and strokes of fate. Researchers have developed the freely accessible web application »resiLIR« in the project »APPWAG«, which allows users to assess and train their personal resilience online.


Girls'Day 2024 / 25.04.2024

»I Didn’t Know What You Could Do with Math!«

22 schoolgirls from Kaiserslautern, Neustadt, Ramstein and Worms took the opportunity to experience a day at the Fraunhofer ITWM on Girls' Day on April 25, 2024. A varied program including a rally showed the participants the range and atmosphere at the world's largest institute for industrial mathematics.


Press Release / 24.04.2024

Fraunhofer ITWM Generates Synthetic Data

The »Virtual Inspection Planning« team at the Fraunhofer ITWM and the BMW Group have successfully completed a joint research project investigating the use of synthetic image data, for development of automated surface inspection. This supports the inspection process using Artificial Intelligence and the standardized detection of defects.


Short News / 18.04.2024

Digital ID for Innovative Materials

A team from our division »Optimization« is researching sustainable and climate-friendly production and recycling methods for new materials together with partners in the EU project DigiPass. The project promotes the exchange of digital material data between industry and research in order to establish a digital material and product passport.

Upcoming Events


USA, Pittsburgh / Conference / 19.05. – 23.05.2024

SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science

Our colleague Amartya Chakrabortty from the department »Flow and Material Simulation« will be on site and give a lecture on the topic »Asymptotic Analysis of a Composite Plate with Matrix Pre-strain«.


Seoul / Fair / 27.05. – 31.05.2024

WCNDT 2024

Our experts Andreas Keil and Dr Joachim Jonuscheit from the department »Materials Characterization and Testing« and our expert Dr Petra Gospodnetić from the department »Image Processing« will be giving three presentations at the twentieth World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT) in South Korea. In addition to exhibitions, there will also be lectures, meetings and workshops.


Lisbon, Portugal / Congress / 03.06. – 07.06.2024

ECCOMAS Congress 2024

The ECCOMAS Congress provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments in the field of scientific computing in engineering.

Experts from our division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will be on hand to give presentations and offer exciting insights into their research work.


Kaiserslautern, Fraunhofer ITWM / Workshop / 03.06. – 07.06.2024

Math-Talent-School Girls-Camp 2024

The MINT-EC-Math-Talent-School is aimed at schoolgirls who would like to gain an insight into the professional world of mathematicians and would like to exchange ideas with other interested parties.

What is applied mathematics anyway? The answers to these and many other questions can be found at the Talent School.


Munich and digital / Symposium / 04.06. – 05.06.2024 plus 2024

We will be at the 15th International Munich Chassis Symposium plus 2024. Our colleagues Tim Rothmann, Dr.-Ing. Christoph Burkhart, Dr. Sebastian Emmerich, Dr. Manfred Bäcker and Francesco Calabrese from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will be on site with their own exhibition stand and a presentation. 


Copenhagen / Symposium / 04.06 – 07.06.2024

MTSA 2024

The symposium offers young researchers and students an international exchange with experts. Our expert Dr. Joachim Jonuscheit from the »Materials Characterization and Testing« department is on site with the presentation »Thickness Measurement in an Industrial Environment« at the International Conference on Microwave/Terahertz Science and Applications in Copenhagen.


Kaiserslautern / University Information Event / 08.06.2024

Tag der Mathematik (Day of Mathematics)

As an institute, we will be represented with an information booth where we will present career opportunities and everyday working life at the Fraunhofer ITWM. Experts from the departments will also give four presentations under the motto »Mathematics in Thirty Minutes – A Quick Insight Into the Exciting World of Applied Mathematics at the Fraunhofer ITWM«.


Madison, Wisconsin, USA / Conference / 09.06. – 13.06.2024

International Conference on Multibody System Dynamics

The IMSD conference is a biennial series that serves as a meeting place for the international multibody community. Our colleagues from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will be there and give a presentation.


Kaiserslautern, Fraunhofer ITWM / Guest Lecture / 20.06.2024

Smoothing Traffic via Automated Vehicles: From Mathematical Models to Large-Scale Experiments

Prof. Benjamin Seibold from Temple University, Phildelphia, USA will give a guest lecture at our institute.


Blick über den Tellerrand / Hybrid Talk / 25.06.2024

Comprehension and Concepts of Time in the Long 20th Century

Prof. Dr. Christian Geulen from the University of Koblenz will discuss what the long 20th century (i.e. from around 1880 to the present day) has produced in terms of other concepts, theories and ideas of time in addition to the mathematical and scientific concept of time.


High Performance Center Software / Workshop / 10.10. – 11.10.2024

Mathematical Methods in Process Engineering (MMiPE)

Every two years, interested parties come together at our Institute to discuss mathematical methods in process engineering.

Please register until September 27, 2024, via the online registration form on our event page.


Recurring Seminars

Seminars of the Division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« 2024

This year, the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« is once again offering three further training seminars:

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