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Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM briefly.

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Annual Report 2017/18

Take a look at our latest annual report. Find current highlights and exiting projects of our departments as well as information about our new department »Materials Characterization and Testing«.

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High Performance Center

The High Performance Center Simulation- and Software- based Innovation strengthens the cooperation between enterprises, universities and research institutes in Kaiserslautern and extends consisting partnerships.

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Latest Annual Report 2018/19

Our annual report 2018/19 is completed! It provides insights into exciting projects and reports on interesting news from the past year.

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Welcome to Fraunhofer ITWM!

We are one of the world's largest mathematical research institutes and our goal is to further develop mathematics as a key technology, give innovative impetus and implement it in practice together with industry partners. Methodologically, our research areas are based on modeling, simulation and optimization. Integral parts of our projects are consulting and implementation, support in the application of high-performance computer technology and providing tailor-made software solutions. We not only use simulation software, but also develop it ourselves, often in cooperation with leading software companies.
Nowadays, companies of all sizes use simulations on regular bases which gives them benefit in terms of product innovation and quality assurance. Our customers are mainly in the automotive, mechanical engineering, textile, computer industry and finance sectors.



Press Release / 30.9.2019

ITWM Signs Cooperation Agreement with CATARC

In September 2019, Fraunhofer ITWM and CATARC have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.


Press Release / 1.8.2019

Fraunhofer helps accelerate development of fiber-reinforced plastic parts

Together with our partners, we are developing a mathematical simulation method for optimizing the drapability (deformability) of textiles.


Press Release / 8.5.2019

Saving Energy in the Production of Chemicals

Fraunhofer ITWM wins one of the »Joseph von Fraunhofer Prizes« in 2019.


Press Release / 2.5.2019

Simulating and Optimizing Spinning Processes

Spinning polymer filaments, for example for personal care articles, is highly complex: We have successfully applied new approaches to simulate and optimize spinning processes.


Press Release / 24.4.2019

Fraunhofer ITWM Supports STEM Games 2019

Two of our experts from the department »Image Processing« are represented in the jury and as mentors at the Games.


Article / 16.4.2019

Designing polymer spin packs in line with dynamic flow

Melt spinning is the most widely use process for turning plastic into fibres.


Article / 10.4.2019

Simulation tool for polyurethane foams

Car seats, mattresses and insulating materials often consist of PU foams. We can now simulate the foaming behaviour.


Article / 30.1.2019

Fraunhofer Tool Used in Radiation Therapy

Our clinical decision support tool MCO was added to Varian’s Eclipse™ treatment planning system.

Upcoming Events

Talks / Kaiserslautern / DFKI / 10/29/2019

ML in KL Lightning Talks

You like science and pizza? This is for you!


In Kaiserslautern, there is a unique collection of mathematics and computer science competencies, which are being applied in numerous research projects in areas like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning.


The "ML in KL Lightning Talks" is an initiative of the DFKI and the ITWM that offers a new networking opportunity for researchers of all institutions in KL.


Kolloquium / Ostfildern / 10/07/2019 - 10/09/2019

Quantum Technologies

[only available in German] Our expert Felix Riexinger from the field of "Optimization" will give a lecture on our project QUILT.


Seminar / Wolfsburg / 10/08/2019

Data Analysis and Machine Learning in Durability

[only available in German] Our experts of the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« support as speakers.


Symposium / Trier University / 10/24/2019

Quantitative Finance and Risk Analysis

Our expert Christian Laudagé will be there as a speaker on the subject of »Application of Multi-Asset Risk Measures«.


Congress / Hannover / 10/16/2019 - 10/17/2019

Tyres – Chassis – Roadway

[only available in German] Our experts are on site to present our tire simulation tool CDTire.


Industrial Workshop and Symposium / Kaiserslautern / 10/17/2019

Tag der Verfahrenstechnik

[only available in German] Interdisciplinary exchange on the subject of process engineering between the TUK and the Fraunhofer ITWM. The event is organized by the High Performance Center Simulation and Software based Innovation.


MINT-EC-Camp / Kaiserslautern / 10/22/2019 - 10/25/2019


[only available in German] What does the professional world of a mathematician look like and what is applied mathematics? This is what schoolgirls learn at the Talen-School from schools of the national MINT-EC Excellence School Network.


Fair / Cologne / 10/22/2019 - 10/24/2019

Filtech 2019

FILTECH is the largest and most important filtration event world-wide. We are there to inform about our experience in the simulation of filtration and separation processes.


Seminar / Kaiserslautern / 10/10/2019, 10/17/2019, 10/24/2019 and 10/31/2019

Deep Learning Seminar

Machine learning, deep learning and the analysis of large amounts of data in general are becoming increasingly important. With our DL-Seminar interested people get insights into this research area.


Conference / Wolfsburg / 10/09/2019 - 10/10/2019

Load Assumptions and Requirements Management

[only available in German] Our experts from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Development« are on site.


Conference / Dortmund / 10/28/2019 - 10/29/2019

Digital Summit

The Digital Summit is the central platform for cooperation on shaping a forward-looking policy framework for the digital transformation.

Conference / Kaiserslautern / 10/22/2019


[only available in German] TheFORUM 2019 is aimed at companies and municipalities that want to exchange ideas with the scientific institutions and students of the region.

Workshop / Sankt Augustin / 10/23/2019 - 10/24/2019

12th Fraunhofer Technologietag

[only available in german] The Technology Day offers an overview of the spectrum of technologies in image processing and optical metrology. Our experts from the Department »Materials Characterization and Testing« and »Image Processing« will be on site.

Workshop / Kaiserslautern / 10/21/2019 - 10/22/2019

French-German Workshop in Image Processing

Mathematische Bildverarbeitung / Traitement d'image mathématique

Conference / Barcelona, Spain / 10/28/2019 - 10/30/2019


International Conference on Particle-Based Methods

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