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We are one of the world's largest mathematical research institutes and our goal is to further develop mathematics as a key technology, give innovative impetus and implement it in practice together with industry partners. Methodologically, our research areas are based on modeling, simulation and optimization. Integral parts of our projects are consulting and implementation, support in the application of high-performance computer technology and providing tailor-made software solutions. We not only use simulation software, but also develop it ourselves, often in cooperation with leading software companies.
Nowadays, companies of all sizes use simulations on regular bases which gives them benefit in terms of product innovation and quality assurance. Our customers are mainly in the automotive, mechanical engineering, textile, computer industry and finance sectors.



Press Release / 29.02.2024

Testing and Analyzing Composite Materials With Fraunhofer Expertise

JEC World describes itself as the »Festival of Composites«, as composites professionals from all over the world gather under its roof in Paris every year. Researchers from the Fraunhofer ITWM will also be there. We present testing and analysis methods for composite materials at the joint Fraunhofer stand from March 5 to 7 2024.


Press Release / 26.02.2024

From the Classical to the Quantum World

As part of the Project »Quantum Initiative Rhineland-Palatinate« (QUIP), we organized the QUIP International Winter School on Quantum Machine Learning« (»Quickstart 2024«). Students and young researchers from all over the world as well as industry came together to discuss the latest developments, challenges and applications in this specialized field.


Podcast Streuspanne / 21.02.2024

The Two Schools of Thought in Statistics

In this episode, the Streuspanne team playfully introduces the audience to the two approaches to calculating probability. On the one hand, Jochen Fiedler slips into the role of Mr. Bayes for Bayesian statistics and on the other hand, Sascha Feth plays Mr. Frequentist, who speaks for the frequentist school of thought.


Interview / 16.02.2024

»Don’t Let the Math Put You Off!«

Max Burr has been an intern in the »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control« department since January 1, 2024. The 24-year-old electrical engineering student will be with us at the institute until the end of March 2024. In this interview, he talks about his time, experiences and activities so far.


Press Relese / 07.02.2024

Saving Energy With Artificial Intelligence

Our experts from three departments and divisions will be presenting their work at the leading trade fair E-world energy & water and demonstrating with innovative projects how mathematical models can contribute to the energy transition and the achievement of climate targets.


Short News Cooperation / 06.02.2024

Optimizing Airlay Technology With Simulation

Nonwovens play a key role in many industries, for example in the automotive and healthcare sectors. In production, simulations help to further develop the important airlay technology for staple fibres. In the ongoing cooperation with bematic® and Siriotek, we are jointly optimising the carding machines in this process.


Short News / 19.01.2024

Alumni Network Meeting 2024

On January 19, 2024, we welcomed our alumni, consultants and ITWM employees to the strategic network meeting at the Fraunhofer Center.

Exciting presentations and pitches awaited them as well as an in-house exhibition where some departments and divisions presented their work.


Podcast Streuspanne / 18.01.2024

Misleading Intuition in Statistics – the Simpson Paradox

In the first episode of 2024, the Streuspanne team looks at a (supposed) statistical paradox. What is the Simpson paradox? How can it influence meaningful data analysis? And how can you avoid falling for it? Listen in:

Upcoming Events


Stuttgart / Conference / 05.03.2024

Heidelberg Image Processing Forum 2024

The 86th Heidelberg Image Processing Forum, which is being organized this year by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, will focus on virtual image processing. Dr. Petra Gospodnetic will be giving a presentation and the deputy head of department »Image Processing« will also be on site.


Houston, Texas, USA / Conference / 05.03.2024 – 07.03.2024

Energy High Performance Computing 2024

Our expert Dr. Franz-Josef Pfreundt from the division »High Performance Computing« will be at the conference with a poster on our software stack »Carme« and will present the main topics of our work in the division.


Online / Digital Seminar / 05.03. – 07.03.2024

Introduction to MESHFREE

MESHFREE can be used to simulate a variety of situations as it efficiently adapts to moving geometry elements such as agitators of mixing devices or the movement of free surfaces. In the course we will give an overview of the tool and show how the software can best support your requirements.


Paris, France / Fair / 05.03. – 07.03.2024

JEC World 2024

JEC World is the global trade fair for composite materials and their applications. Our experts Dr. Joachim Jonuscheit, Dr. Matthias Kabel and Dr. Hannes Grimm-Strele from the »Materials Characterization and Testing« and »Flow and Material Simulation« departments will be at the joint Fraunhofer booth to provide information on current topics and projects.


Kaiserslautern, Fraunhofer ITWM / Conference / 10.3. – 12.3.2024

Terahertz Young Scientists Meeting

The »Terahertz Young Scientists Meeting« is aimed at master's and doctoral students in the field of terahertz research. The aim of the conference is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among young scientists.


Fraunhofer Center, Kaiserslautern / 12.03.2024

Visit from FemTec

FemTec is committed to increasing the number of highly qualified women in STEM fields in management positions.

At this event, 36 female scholarship holders will have the opportunity to get to know some of our female employees and their work, network and gain insights into our various research areas during a guided tour of the Fraunhofer Center.


Kaiserslautern, Fraunhofer ITWM / Workshop / 12.03. – 13.03.2024

Workshop Terahertz Technology and Applications 2024

Terahertz technology has proven to be a valuable tool for applications in diagnostics, measurement and testing. However, the industrial use of this technology raises some difficult questions. Theworkshop promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience between science and industry


Kaiserslautern / Conference / 12.03. – 14.03.2024

International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium 2024

The conference includes approx. 50 technical papers and poster presentations focusing on international trends and technological developments in the commercial vehicle industry.


Hannover / Fair / 18.03. – 21.03.2024

Tire Technology Expo 2024

The Tire Technology Expo is the central European conference and trade fair for tire manufacturing technologies. Our colleagues from the team »Simulation of Tires«, will be on site. Together with the Fraunhofer IIS, they will be providing information about our research at the stand. Our expert Axel Gallrein will be part of one of the courses on March 19, 2024 and explain our product »CDTire«.


Magdeburg / Conference / 18.03. – 22.03.2024

GAMM Annual Meeting 2024

The Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM) is an association for the promotion of scientific work. The conference offers an ideal opportunity for international exchange for scientists.

Our colleagues from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will be present with several talks.


Hybrid Conference / 20.03. – 21.03.2024


The conference Artificial Intelligence in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AI in AEC) is part of the conference series for Artificial Intelligence in the built environment.

Anna Nowacka is on site for our department »Image Processing« and will give a lecture on »Deep Learning Based Crack Segmentation in 3D Computed Tomography Images of Concrete«.


Karlsruhe / Fair / 09.04.2024 – 12.04.2024

Paint Expo 2024

PaintExpo is the world's leading trade fair for industrial coating technology.

We are on site with a team from the department »Materials Characterization and Testing« and present our work in the field of coating thickness measurement of single and multi-layer coatings using terahertz measurement technology.


Mannheim / Career Event / 17.04.2024

Career Fair Uni Mannheim

The »Career Fair Uni Mannheim« is the annual company contact fair of the University of Mannheim. It offers students and graduates of all Bachelor's and Master's degree courses the opportunity to make initial contacts for starting a career. Our employee Isabelle Dieckhoff from the »Human Resources« team is representing us at the »Fraunhofer Center Kaiserslautern« joint stand.  


Kaiserslautern, Fraunhofer ITWM / Workshop / 03.06. – 07.06.2024

Math-Talent-School Girls-Camp 2024

The MINT-EC-Math-Talent-School is aimed at schoolgirls who would like to gain an insight into the professional world of mathematicians and would like to exchange ideas with other interested parties. What is applied mathematics anyway?

Experience it for yourself and register by 31.03.2024!


Recurring Seminars

Seminars of the Division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« 2024

This year, the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« is once again offering three further training seminars:


Dresden / Conference / 11.06. – 13.06.2024


Dr. Fabio Schneider-Jung from our division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« presents his contribution on simulation-based lifetime prediction for cables at the fifth international conference of the DVM on the performance of materials and components under variable amplitude loading.

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