The core competence of the division of Optimization is to develop individual solutions for planning and decision problems in logistics, engineering sciences and life sciences in close cooperation with customers. The methodology is based on the coupling of:

Building models or data based virtual structures under consideration of restrictions and free parameters. Identification of measures for quality and costs in order to evaluate and optimize the structures under discussion.

Development and implementation of individual optimization methods to calculate best possible solutions. Of particular interest are multi-criteria problems with conflicting cost and quality indicators, integration of simulation and optimization algorithms.

Decision Support
Consulting in structuring decision support processes development and implementation of interactive decision support tools, in particular for multi-criteria optimization problems.

Fields of Activity


Process Engineering

Ongoing change in availability and price of raw materials and commodities ask for continuous improvement of current and for development of new processes in the chemical industry by modelling, simulation and optimization.


Medicine and Healthcare

When planning a therapy, different competing quality criteria like prospects of treatment success, risk of side effects and costs have to be considered.


Machine Learning and Hybrid Models

Model-based optimization with reliable models could lead to significant improvements of processes in practice.


Production Planning and Scheduling

We offer the development of efficient strategies to create and adapt production plans and schedules.


Layout and Cutting Problems

An efficient and cost-saving production process demands a maximum utilization of resources.


Supply Chain Networks

The strategic design of a supply chain network is a fundamental component for the development of successful tactical and operational plans.

Information Material

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A Short Interview with...

the Division Director Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Küfer.

»My work in the institute feels like an adventure game«


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