Reduction of Variants in Truck Chassis Packaging

The large number of variants of modern products imposes big challenges on manufacturers in their organizational and logistics processes. Therefore, many projects follow the aim to reduce the number of variants for a product. It is important, however, that the market demand can still be satisfied.

In this joint project with the Fraunhofer Chalmers Center optimization methods for platform and product families development are applied to the packaging of truck chassis with parts like tanks, spare wheel, battery and tool boxes, etc.

Variantenreduktion in der LKW-Chassis-Bestückung
Reduction of Variants in Truck Chassis Packaging

The main objectives are:

  • reduction of the number of configurations for selection and positioning of parts
  • retaining all options demanded by the market like number of axles, total tank volume, ground clearance, etc.
  • development of platforms and product families, for instance under variation of the wheelbase


Project Partners

Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre, Göteborg