Honey, concrete or dough are known complex liquids from everyday life. For the construction of pumps or the improvement of technical processes, description models are required for complex fluids. They make the special properties of such liquids calculable.

Complex Fluids and Multi-Phase Flow

The Complex Fluids group deals with rheological complex fluid flow problems and analysis of physical complex processes relevant for industrial applications.

Our competences include mathematical-physical modelling of material properties and industrial processes as well as development of fast, robust and efficient numerical algorithms for performing computer simulations of the identified models.

The expertise in modeling these processes and their efficient numerical solution is concentrated in the software platform CoRheos (Complex Rheology Solver), which offers validated and documented pre- and postprocessing as well as computing solutions for the software modules GRAIN and FLUID.

Example Projects



The aim of the BMWi project CoPool (1501369) is the development of a compatible software “CoPool”, which allows a more precise simulation of flow and heat exchange.


Simulation of Granular Mass Flows

Application and project examples for the simulation of granular mass flows.


Simulation of Reactive Injection Molding of Polyurethane Foams

In the project, we simulated the RIM-Process of PU foams.


Analysis and Optimization of Paper Machine Clothings

We analyze and simulate the behavior of press felts.


XERIC: Climate Control System for Electric Vehicles

The XERIC project is developing a new climate control system that is more energy-efficient in battery powered electric vehicles.


RIM Processes of Polyurethane Foams

In the project FoamInTextil we simulate the foam filling process of Polyurethane foams.

Software Products


The software solution, Complex Rheology FLUID Solver, has been developed to simulate the melting and flow behavior of polymer suspensions, such as in the injection process of a fiber suspension.


GRAIN is an infrastructure for the design of products and processes which involve granular media.


Our FOAM solver simulates the expansion process of PU foams in any given geometry and offers the possibility to calculate the foam formation process as well as the resulting foam density in advance.