Profile of Dariusz Niedziela

Fields of Activity / Competences

  • Scientific computing
  • Complex fluids
  • Numerics for PDE, Partial Integro-Differential equations
  • Software development
  • Mathematical modeling



Major Publications

  • Schmidt, S.; Niedziela, D.; Steiner, K.; Zausch, J.:
    CoRheoS: Multiphysics solver framework and simulation infrastructure for complex rheologies.
    Proceedings of Nafems World Congress 2013, Salzburg, Austria, 9-12 June 2013.
  • Schmidt, S.; Niedziela, D.:
    Product- and process design based on complex rheology CFD using CoRheoGrain.
    Proceedings of PARTEC - International Congress on Particle Technology 2013, 1-4, 23-25 April 2013.
  • Schmidt, S.; Niedziela, D.; Steiner, K.:
    Numerical simulations of granular flow ( with applications ) in mixers.
    Jahrestreffen der Fachgruppen Agglomerations- und Schuttguttechnik und CFD, Weimar, 2013.


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Other Publications

  • Breit, W.; Bund, B.; Heese, C.; Latz, A.; Niedziela, D.:
    Computer aided simulation of flow and form filling behaviour of FRUHPC.
    fib ACCTA International Conference on Advances in Cement and Concrete Technologies in Africa, Johanesburg, 25-30 Jan 2013, proceedings.
  • Heese, C.; Latz, A.; Niedziela, D.:
    Rheological Simulation of the Slump Flow Behaviour of UHPC.
    Young Researcher Symposium 2011 (YRS), 15. Feb 2011 im Fraunhofer Zentrum Kaiserslautern, Proceedings, (Nachwuchsring des Landesforschungszentrum Center for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (CM) (Ed.)), S. 50-54.
  • Latz, A.; Niedziela, D.:
    Numerical Simulation of Sand-Air Mixtures for the Casting Industry.
    8th. World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM8), 5th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2008), Jun 30 – Jul 5, 2008, Venice, Italy.
  • Latz, A.; Niedziela, D.; Schmidt, S.:
    Simulation of granular flows in industrial applications.
    NAFEMS Seminar ”Simulation of Complex Flows”, Mar 10-11, 2008. Wiesbaden, Germany.
  • Iliev, O.; Latz, A.; Niedziela, D.:
    Simulations of viscoelastic polymer melt flows.
    Tagungsband des NAFEMS-Seminars "Die Simulation komplexer Strömungsvorgänge", May 2004.