Our Offers to Students


Are you curious about what goes on at a university or a research institute? You are interested in mathematics but you are not exactly sure what you could do with it later on as a profession? You could gain your first academic or professional experience by taking an internship with us, get oriented and test your talents. Afterwards, you will certainly know a whole lot more!

Together with our partner, the Department of Mathematics at TU Kaiserslautern, we offer two-or-more-week internships for students with a great interest in mathematics. Our student internships are organized by the Felix-Klein Center for Mathematics, an institute co-managed by the Department of Mathematics at TU Kaiserslautern and ITWM.

We offer you the following

Student Internships

During an internship you can learn more about a course of study in mathematics and the daily routine of mathematicians at the department of mathematics at TU Kaiserslautern.

As an intern, you will experience several stations at the department and, perhaps, you may even gain some insights into the mathematics department at ITWM. You will be given easy, but typical tasks and activities after a short familiarization. Our staff in the various work groups will guide you and explain what knowledge is required of you in your studies and profession. 

The internship provides insight into the study of mathematics and the professional life of a mathematician as well as how a university works.

Voluntary internships

During a voluntary internship, you can accumulate professional knowledge, skills, and experience in a top mathematics department at ITWM.

As an intern you will be involved in ongoing projects. You will be assigned short project tasks that you can independently master. Our department staff guide and show you what is important in this job.

Internships provide a closer look at the professional life of a mathematician at a research institute. 

At ITWM, we only have a limited number of internships available in the central business areas.

What to bring with you

  • You are a student or recent graduate of a (vocational) High School (gymnasium).
  • Our student internships are available starting with 10th grade.  However, the voluntary internship requires completion of the 11th grade. .
  • In general, you should have an above average interest in solving mathematical engineering problems and in working with computers. Of course, it helps if you have achieved good grades in math class.
  • Student interns ideally already have programming and/or software skills or are willing to acquire these; for a voluntary internship, you will be required to demonstrate some programming experience.
  • You should plan your internship to last at least ten days.

Felix-Klein Scholarship for Incoming Math Students

Are you already a high school graduate or will be one soon and do you want to study mathematics, industrial mathematics, or business mathematics?

You should come to Kaiserslautern and apply for the Felix-Klein bachelor degree scholarship!

The Felix-Klein master's degree grant for Industrial Mathematics provides monthly funding of 500 euros but, more importantly, the recipient receives individual professional supervision.